Monday, October 31, 2005

Back Home

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total: 162k
Year Total: 1161.4k

Alas our long weekend is over.

We got back too late for me to go to training so I headed out for a 6k lap of Canada Bay and environs. The legs were a little fatigued from yesterdays effort so I didn't push hard.

I was also a little touched be the sun as Mrs 2P and I did a 4+k paddle in our 2 person kayak on the lake - me without a shirt on - I wouldn't say I am burnt per se but I can definitely feel the effects.

Pretty satisfied with 162k for October. My best result by far since June (217k) with only a 45, 41 & 33k for July, August & September respectively. Would like to post another 200+k month in the lead up to the CC Half. That's the plan anyway.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Big Saving

Today Total: 21k
Week Total: 36k
Month Total: 156k
Year Total: 1155.4k

Well daylight saving is upon us and I managed to save twice as much as everyone else. Yep! Somehow I managed to put the clock forward 2 HOURS....... Have I ever mentioned in these rambles what a numnuts I can be?

Turns out I was up and about at 4.30am and by the time I realised my goof I thought what the hell let's do it anyway. It was a very sultry 21.6 degrees already and so I figured it was a blessing in disguise.

I repeated the "Roller Coaster" (see elevation profile and map from 3 posts back). What a fantastic run. I'm chuffed as. I managed to run all the hills for the first time in 5 attempts, my only walks being my mandatory 6, 12 & 18k 1 minute walk breaks to take on Gu or Mountain Bread with peanut butter.

It was a very humid morning with some light showers. Looking out to sea it was very misty and inclement looking and I had a chuckle as I recalled the words George from Seinfeld used whilst hamming up the story of saving the whale "the sea was angry that day my friends".

The early start was a blessing as it is absolutely bucketing down now, looks like a lazy lake day ahead, tough but someone has to do it :-)

Fingers crossed and touching wood, it looks like I've pulled up injury free.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 15k
Month Total: 135k
Year Total: 1134.4k

I pulled up pretty lame after Thursday nights effort - numnuts that I am I should have waited another day. Oh well.

Mrs 2P and I knocked off early on Friday and headed up to the lake house at Gwandalan. We arrived in time to mow the lawns and yet again I found the gentle exercise somewhat theraputic but the calf was in no condition for a run :-( Lot of ice, lots of compression.

On the way back from Swansea I decided to have another crack so got Mrs 2P to hit the ejector seat as we got within 6k of home and jettison me with instructions that if I wasn't back in 40 mins come lookin.

I ran with a calf guard on and all was good. Sitting here icing and typing on the Blackberry (glad I've finally found a good use for the thing other than proping up the short leg on my desk) I'm thinking tomorrows long run is looking good.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Test? - Pass!

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 9k
Month Total: 129k
Year Total: 1128.4k

Yay - I'm back running.

When I got home from work today I mowed the lawns. My right calf was a bit "grabby" at first but by the time I got to the front lawn (I always do the back first) it had warmed up and felt great.

So I decided to tempt the running Gods and head out on a run. I did the first k ultra conservatively in a 6.40 pace but it all felt good and I ran strongly for the next 4k. Obviously the enforced break was a good thing because I was running at a fair clip for me (about 5.30 pace).

I deliberately slowed for the 6th and 7th k. My calf started to tighten up in the last k and with the benefit of hind sight this run was 1k too long. But hey - I'm as happy as. The combination of ice, cold baths, constant compression and voltaren rapids has resulted in one of the quickest recoveries I've ever experienced.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Today Total: 2km's
Week Total: 2km's
Month Total: 122km's
Year Total: 1121.4km's

1.158km into tonights run I ran awkwardly off a gutter and popped my right calf muscle. After the initial kerfuffle I managed a shuffle limp (7.45 pace) back to 2k's then hobbled the last bit home.

I'm miffed but optomistic, though it's too early to tell yet how bad it is. I've now iced, nurofened and it feels pretty snug in a compression bandage. I'm pretty confident I can get back running in a few days. Will ice again tonight and get some voltaren rapids. Obviously no training tonight either.

My chin feels good but :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Roller Coaster

Today Total: 21km's
Week Total: 58km's
Month Total: 120km's
Year Total: 1119.4km's

Edit: Links have been inserted below for the elavation profile and a satellite image.

Saturday was a scheduled rest day and boy did I need it. After training on Friday night and then heading up to Gwandalan I woke up feeling really bleh. Thank goodness the lawns didn't need mowing. I was very weary in the legs all day and was not at all convinced I was going to run Sunday morning.

I woke up at 5:30am and it was just such a glorious day I knew I had to get out and be a part of it. So I jacked up the camel back and manouvered my body underneath it and headed up the road. 2L of water and 4 Gu's was more than I needed but I was planning on heading into injun territory - ok exaggeration - I was heading into Munmorah Rec Park. Not exactly wilderness, but it could conceivably be a number of hours before the cavalry arrived if anything went wrong so better safe than sorry.

The only drawback with having a place on a lake is that unless you run around the lake the only way is up. The first 2k's of this run are a grind, continual up particularly the first k. The next 4 undulate slightly but the trend is also up, so it is over 6k before your down muscles get a fair dinkum go.

When I left home I was intending to run trails, but the amount of water lying about made me change my mind. This isn't as whimpy as it sounds as to take the trails option means I have to pass through a swamp about 80m wide. Last time I did it after rain I had to prise a Kayano out of the mire after sinking to my thighs in glutinous muck. So instead I stuck to the road and ran the "roller coaster" - several of successive big dippers - as can be seen from the link below 2 of them in particular are a reasonable workout. I did walk a bit of the up but not much.

Where is it

At the 12k mark I couldn't ignore the rumblings in my tummy anymore so an excursion into the bushes was called for. Thanks goodness for green ferns, enough said. Back on to the track and I now trundled along a fire trail for a k or so to get me back to the Pacific Highway. The PH is always a bit of a drag, but with this run it was only 1.5k to the turnoff and it was time to re-trace my steps back down the dirt track on the verge of Kanangra Drive (happily 6k trending downwards) and back to base.

I was really happy to have completed my first long run for a while - may there be many more to follow.

Friday, October 21, 2005

So Far So Good

Today Total: 6km's
Week Total: 37km's
Month Total: 99km's
Year Total: 1098.4km's

Well so far I've fulfilled this weeks goal of running every weekday albeit nothing very long. The idea has been to get myself conditioned back to regular running without doing any damage.

The plan now is to have a break tomorrow, then a 20k on Sunday. Then next week start to do some longer runs but with longer recovery. If that goes OK in two weeks time I'll try some speed work to sharpen myself up for the half on the 4th.

That's as specific as I ever get, I like to keep my plans flexible.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happiness Is

Today Total: 12km's
Week Total: 31km's
Month Total: 93km's
Year Total: 1092.4km's

Happiness is a 12km run in light rain where you start out conservatively because you don't know how you will go, you get to 7km and the body feedback is not so great but you push on and magically the last 4km's get progressively better and better culminating in a 4.47 last km (which is gentle uphill all the way).

That might not impress the racing snakes out there too much but for moi it is a great indication 6 weeks out from a half marathon that I'm well and truly on track for my preparation *touching every bit of wood I can find*.

I didn't finish work till 9:00pm last night which put the kybosh on training but meant I could escape today at 3:00pm guilt free and head home and do todays run. Obviously the extra recovery through not training last night contributed to such a happy run this arvo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Recovery Mode

Today Total: 7km
Week Total: 19km
Month Total: 81km
Year Total: 1080.4km

Well I finally managed to get out of bed this morning when the alarm went off but the DOMS in my arms and shoulders was exquisit - in a peverse way I actually don't mind it, but that combined with some general tightness in my calf muscles had me thinking that a "slowy" was in order.

Plodded off around the usual route doing the first 2k at an extremely lazy pace and even that hurt a fair bit, picked up the pace for the third kilometer and then backed right off for the rest.

Like the saying goes - "the pain is mandatory, the suffering is optional". I'm happy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Mate DOMS

Today Total: 4km
Week Total: 12km
Month Total: 74km
Year Total 1073.4km

I flogged myself at training last night like I haven't in a long time. That combined with the 8k I did yesterday arvo had me waking with that taughtly strung piano wire feeling that I was dehydrated. Muscles felt fine but I decided not to run this morning and concentrated on drinking water for the first half of the day.

As the sun set my legs and particularly my arms started to stiffen up. Paying penance for my early knock-off yesterday I didn't get away from the office till after 6:30pm and used that as an excuse to just do a lazy 4k around Concord Golf Course tonight.

As I type my biceps are really whinging - me too for that matter ;-)

P.S. Yes I've been tagged too, but have I ever mentioned how lazy I am.....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Early Mark

Today Total: 8km
Week Total: 8km
Month Total: 70km
Year Total: 1069.4km

With characteristic resolve I managed to stoically fight the temptation to get up and run in the pouring rain this morning and stayed in bed. It's a tough job....

Fortunately a meeting I had to go to in town ended early and I was able to escape and get in a good run, a rest and a blog before heading off for training tonight.

I headed off around what has become the usual route these days - Canada Bay and threw in the optional Breakfast Point extension for good measure. Ran for the first time with the Linebreaks on. They stayed up and felt supportive but my right calf gave me a bit of gyp, though lower down than usual. Looks like I'll be icing late tonight MMMM mmmmm

First Post

It's about time I converted from my old Geocities site to Blogger (backdated to the start of October) - so here goes....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Retail Therapy

Today Total: 6km
Week Total: 30km (my running week is Monday to Sunday)
Month Total: 62km
Year Total: 1061.4km

As a spur of the moment decision I dropped into a Rebel between appointments today and what a wonderful thing it was. $410.00 later I had a new pair of Asics Nimbus (finally they had my size), a Skins sleeveless top (to see if it makes any difference to my back), a set of Linebreak Calf Guards (basically Skins for below the knees), some Bodyglide and enough Gu to stock the Sixth Fleet.

Got home and couldn't wait to give the new shoes a try so it was off for a quick 6k around Canada Bay. I have finally found MY shoe, they are the cats meow as far as my feet are concerned. Being new I got hotspots on the balls of my feet around 5k but apart from that I've never run in a more comfy shoe - happy, happy, joy, joy.

I am really glad in hindsight that I pushed to do a run yesterday because even though I am a bit sore today my pace was back to normal.

Off to training tonight and I am going to give the Linebreaks a whirl. I didn't wear them on the run because I have a sneaking suspicion that unless you use something to keep them up they will slip down. The start/stop nature of training makes it more conducive to pulling em back up than running. I could be wrong, maybe they'll stick but didn't want to risk it running. If they do fall down I guess I could always try the old footy trick of wrapping the top with a bit of stretchy electricians tape.

Off to see Bec in Bathurst this weekend so unlikely I will get a long run in but I'm pretty happy with this weeks effort so far.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Slow 8k & A Close Encounter

Today Total: 8km
Week Total: 24km (my running week is Monday to Sunday)
Month Total: 56km
Year Total: 1055.4km

Well I am putting my mantra to the test "this is the new expectation legs so get used to it". As can be seen from previous posts I haven't been doing too many K's of late so the efforts of the last 6 days or so though modest have left my legs weary, particularly since my non-running workouts last Friday night and Wednesday were savage on my legs too. The sensible thing would have been for a day of recovery, but hey who says you have to get wiser as you get older?

I headed off for my Canada Bay/Breakfast Point run around 7:00pm, all was going well till I ran through a soccer ground I have run through a gazillion times before, I ran through a gate I have run through a gazillion times before, only this time due to the stirling efforts of the local council there was a chain strung at quad height across the gate.... I was more concerned that someone may have seen me than at the pain or surprise. Before I even hit the ground I had visions of me appearing on Silliest Home Video or some such. Once I sorted myself out I had to laugh as I'd actually headed off on the run because I had had an ordinary day and I was trying to clear my head, the fall (I did a really neat sommersault) made me realise that when things seem bad there are always worse things and no doubt many people had had a worse day than me.

Anyways I kept plodding and got through 8k in almost a record slow time, but I'm happy with it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Canberra 2

Today Total: 10km
Week Total: 16km (my running week is Monday to Sunday)
Month Total: 48km
Year Total: 1047.4km

After yesterdays quicker run I was all keen and eager to do something longer this morning as long as the calf muscles agreed. I beat the alarm and sprung out of bed at 0530 - so keen I forgot to give any thought to what the temperature might be.

Heading down to the lake the first k was a bit of a struggle as I was concerened my fingers were about to drop off from frostbite (OK slight exaggeration). The recent temperature in Sydney had certainly lulled me into forgetting how bloody cold it can be in the morning in Canberra. I soon warmed up though and chased the the big yellow Questacon balloon as it sailed (?) over the lake.

I pulled a negative split for the back 5k which put me in a happy mood for the rest of the day :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Canberra 1

Today Total: 6km
Week Total: 6km
Month Total: 38km
Year Total: 1037.4km

Off to Canberra again for work and got in just in time to be able to fit in a 6k run, a shower, get dressed and be ready for a dinner appointment.

From Rydges Capitol Hill I did the "usual" run down through Telopea Park to the lake and then head off to the West (clockwise). It's about 1.5k to the lake from Rydges so only 1.5k on the lake before turning around. I must say after reading the close encounters of other CR's with ducks recently (Hijacking Thread) I was a little nervous but as it turns out the ducks and geese in our fair nations capital were on their best behaviour as I trundled past them.

It was 31 degrees when I left South-West Sydney, but only 18 when I arrived in Canberra so altogether much more conducive to running. The only slight hiccup was a pretty stiff Westerly wind which I was running into the teeth of on the out journey but was mercifully at my back on the return.

Fastest 6k I've done in ages though the calf muscles are giving me some gyp. Let's see how I go in the morning....

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Today Total: 16.6km
Week Total: 30km
Month Total: 32km
Year Total: 1031.4km

Late Friday night we headed up to Gwandalan for some much needed R&R. The lawns were well overdue for a mow (does that count as a training session?) so that was pretty much Saturday gawn.

Got up this morning and headed for a longer run. I was still feeling a bit flat so made a conscious decision to walk the first 100m of every kilometre. It turned out to be a good decision as I was only capable of an extremely slow pace from the 8k mark onwards. Whilst I struggled a bit I really enjoyed the section I did along a fire trail in the Munmorah Rec Park. It was a bit windy but the views of the ocean and the park were worth it - for a couple of k's I was definitely in my happy place.

Pulled up with a bit of calf trouble - that will teach me for spruiking how I had overcome my calf drama's. Bugger!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Planning Day

Today Total: 6.4km
Week Total: 13.4km
Month Total: 15.4km
Year Total: 1014.8km

After chatting last night on CR it dawned on me that I really haven't a clue what I'd like to do next. I'm not really motivated by races or doing stuff with other people but occasionally I emerge if there is something that takes my fancy.

The Grand Dame of CR (Lucky Legs) is organising the Six Foot Track - The Slow Version (6' TSV) for the last weekend in November and it really appeals, but unfortunately it clashes with a Bec weekend so I need to set my sights on something else, enter the Tuggerah Half (4th December) - perfect. It appeals because it is not far from the lake house and timing wise it is roughly half way to next years official 6' and training for the half will keep me in nick till I start my prep for 6'.

So that is that: Tuggerah Half in December; a possible maybe on a stretch of the C2K Fatass if it happens the following week and Six Foot in March '06 - Lock it in Eddie! Beyond that I have a vague idea that an Ultra of some description would be a good thing to do.

Today armed with a new plan I took off round the Canada Bay Loop with a goal of getting into double figures, it was sprinkling and a bit windy and after 3k's I was gawn. It seems the events of the last couple of weeks combined with Wednesday's double session and bugger all sleep have taken their toll so I just backed the pace right off (I even walked for a bit) and doddled home. I'm weary but I'm not too-phased (I will somehow have to make it through tonights session as I'm taking a class) but I'm confident that with some good sleep I will bounce back - after all I now have a plan :-)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

That's More Like It

Today Total: 7km
Week Total: 7km
Month Total: 9km
Year Total: 1008.4km

After Sunday's false start to the month it was good to get a run in that is half-way decent.

On Monday my back was in all sorts of drama's, particularly my left shoulder and a drive to Bathurst and back in the one day was not really very high on my "most what I'd like to do with my day" list. However, it was right on top of my "what I want to do with Bec list" - it was also number one on Mrs 2P's list even though she was still grieving big time (she is an amazing lady and I love her heaps and heaps). Ex-Mrs 2P was gracious and welcoming and let us join in on a lovely family morning-tea with Bec and then we took her out for lunch. We got her back in time for her friends to start arriving for her "official" celebration - a party for 14 X 14 yr olds (7 of which were sleeping over) and Mrs 2P and me headed back to Sydney.

Tuesday was funeral day and a bloody long day it was too. The service in Concord kicked off right on time at 10:00am, the wake at the Dolce Cafe at Cabarita Junction went without a hiccup and we headed off to Cessnock for the burial. We were having a bad day, but for some others it was worse, there was a fatal accident on the F3 which held us up slightly on the way up - unfortunately it held us up big time on the way back with the Police not opening the South-bound lanes till 6:00pm.

I had planned to work today but when we got home on Tuesday night (eventually) we discovered that Chiara's (No-1 grand daughter that is currently living with us) bird (a Peach Face thingee) had died during the day so we hid the cage and diverted her attention. The priority task for me and Mrs 2P today was to go bird shopping! We couldn't find one that was a "ringer" for the late "Jimmy" but fortunately Mrs 2P had a wave of inspiration - get 2 birds!!! When Chiara came home this arvo she was so over-the-moon that we had got "Jimmy" a mate, she completely failed to recognise that it wasn't "Jimmy" - catastrophy thankfully averted.

At around 6:00pm all was cool and froody on the home front so I headed out for a run around Canada Bay, I didn't quite make it to Breakfast Point because I bailed early and cut through Massey Park Golf Course and back home. I was happy with only 7k as I had to go to training tonight, but I am really looking forward to doing something over 10k. I'm never really satisfied with anything shorter!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yeah Right

Today Total: 2km
Week Total: 8km
Month Total: 2km
Year Total: 1001.4km

Certainly not the start to October I had been planning but at least I've finally got past the 1000km mark.

What a day! Trying to get the house all gussied up for "Grandma's" funeral day on Tuesday (want to go to Bathurst on Monday for Bec's birthday) I drew garden and lawn duty plus some other sundry chores which we got done just in time to give me a 40 minute window of opportunity before the grand-final started and the family arrived for dinner. I figured a quick 5k's a shower and I'd be sitting in front of the tele with dinner on my knee and telling the kids to "shoosh" cause the footy's on.

I headed out the door with the intention of doing a lap of Concord Golf Course but it didn't take long to realise I was more dehydrated than I had reckoned, my mouth and throat quickly became parched but I decided to push on. But when my upper back started to spasm I figured life the universe and everything was trying to tell me something so I hit the stop button on the Garmin tucked my tail between my legs and wandered home.

On the bright side the Tigers won and Maddie the youngest of the grand-kids when giving out kisses to say goodbye said "Pop" for the first time as she leaned forward - big, big smiles from me and a tear from Mrs 2P (coincidentaly something must have irritated my eye around the same time) and a warm glow for the rest of the night.