Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting Stronger

Today Total: 12k
Week Total: 12k
Month Total: 262k
Year Total: 262k

It looks like doing a long hilly run on the weekend followed by a couple of days off and then some short quality runs in the back half of the week is really suiting me.

I felt very strong today - again negative splitting my micro hills 12k loop (particularly pleasing because the hills are in the back 6). All up 12k in 62.32 @ 5.13av.

Got a toot at about 8.5k from my new neighbours CR's Dazza K and Aunty K - pity I wasn't wearing my CR cap  :-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

That's Better

Today Total: 31k
Week Total: 54k
Month Total: 250k
Year Total: 250k

If at first you don't succeed.....

Today was the same run that I did last week from the start of Six Foot to the Cox's River and return but what a difference a week makes.

Met up with Inekuips, Terry and Scurry at 7AM and we were off. We took the stairs a bit slower but ran the road section a bit faster to go through Megalong Road in 57 minutes again.

We met up with Rodo who was doing a variation on a theme by going up the stairs first. This came in very handy for us because he left the boot of his car open so we could pillage water and fruit on the return trip. Thanks Rodo.

Like last week, Ine again led the way down to the river plunging straight in up to her chin again giving the boys no option but to follow suit - we made it in 1.48 - a minute slower than last week.

By mutual consent we decided to return via the alternate route which is probably a bit longer,  involves a bit more up and down and cross at the swing bridge.

Once across the bridge and the running commenced in earnest I felt really strong and ran much more of the trail back to Megalong than last week. After ratting through Rodo's car we took off again determined to run as much as we could.

Again I felt really strong and my legs were full of running - though not quite strong enough to go with Terry and Scurry and I just let Ine pull me up the hill.

The stairs were a breeze compared to last week and when we hit the top I couldn't help but break into a run. It was fun. At last Ine and I made it back to the cars with a sprint finish which felt fantastic. Last week it was more like a crawl.

Even with the detour via the bridge my running time was 22 minutes faster than last week and a training course PB which was very satisfying. After the dent to the confidence last week I'm starting to feel pretty good about March 10 - bring it on.

Happy 2P :-)

PS thanks for the company guys (and the watermelon Ine)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

CR 5k Challenge

Today Total: 11k
Week Total: 23k
Month Total: 219k
Year Total: 219k

An absolutely gorgeous morning out on the bay with many of the regular suspects in attendance as well as a guest star appearance by Tesso who I think runs more Sydney CR 5k's than I do :-)

Keeping the bigger picture in mind and not wanting to compromise my long run tomorrow I decided to head off on 25 minutes with Benny and Professor.

We went out at a comfortable 4.50 pace and pretty much kept that up + or - a few seconds for the first 4k. Benny started to struggle a bit around 3k and I slowly pulled ahead - Prof did the decent and hung back to keep Benny company.

With one k to go I decided I really was bludging and kicked it down a gear to 4.30 pace - feeling pretty chuffed with myself till Prof went cruising past with about 300m to go - I was tempted to go with him but bit down on the discipline till about 40m out when I hit the full on sprint ubangi for Gnomey who was taking photo's (what can I say I'm a natural born show-boater) to bring the last split in at 4.22.

So 5k in a very comfortable 23.49 - very, very happy with that.

The return trip at 5.30 pace was shared with Tesso and Blue Dog till Colin came along and whisked away the Dog - the trot back on these outings was as always the most enjoyable part of the day - it's just nice after you have had a decent hit out to share some time and stories with friendly people in a great location.

I was mildly surprised to see we finished the 10k in 52.02 - considering my last 10k TT was 51.31 just before Christmas and I was absolutely shattered afterwards - today just felt like a trot in the park by comparison.

Very happy and chirpy 2P this morning - exit whistling :-)

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Today Total: 12k
Week Total: 12k
Month Total: 208k
Year Total: 208k

I pulled up really shattered after last Sunday and have felt really flat ever since. I've also had excessively tight calves (out of proportion with the rest of the bod) which is the Evil Twins way of telling me to "back off or we'll injure you ya big galoot".

So heeding their not so veiled threat I gave myself 3 full days off - but by today I was Mr Grumpy - and I mean Mr Grumpy big time. The twins still had me hobbling when I got out of bed this morning - the smart arses. Only one thing for it - time to assert control - the twins have run amok for long enough! Run time!!!

When I got home from work early I rubbed some gel into the twins which shut the little bastards up and as they were still choking on it I headed out the door for my 12k micro hill loop.

It's amazing what 3 days off will do for you - I thought I was running slowly but when I went through the first k in 5.28 I suspected I was in for a good one. I probably ran the 3rd km a bit quick in 5.03 and deliberately slowed up only exerting on the hills to keep my pace sub 5.30. Gave the last km a serve and pulled a 4.53 for the last split which was pretty satisfying.

Anyhoo - all up 12k in 64.15 @ 5.21 av. My first sub 65 min 12k training run in a good while - mood much improved :-)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Let It Go 2P

Having now had a good chance to study the topo and the satellite imagery from my "Big Day Out" run on Sunday week ago. I've concluded that the course is at least 46kms so am updating the log.

I really need to let this go now - or run it again and not hit the start/stop button to make sure.....

Sorry for the flooding on bloglines for those who have me subscribed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today Total: 31k
Week. Total: 60k
Month Total: 196k
Year Total: 196k

I've rarely suffered as much as I did today - a combination of not enough recovery from last weeks epic, a late night last night and the heat probably all contributed.

A small gathering of CR's (Jen_Runs, Inekuip, Terry, Moh & Rodo) met up for a return pilgrimage to the Coxs River and return.

Hehe me and 5 virgins - which meant I could tell all sorts of lies and tall stories and not get caught out :-)

I stuck with the lead group down the stairs but then stopped and waited for Jen & Terry - mainly because Jen was turning back at Megalong Road and this would be my only chance to have a yarn with her and partly because my legs already felt a bit iffy and I was fighting nausea.

We made a fairly companionable trio as we trotted down the fire trail nattering away and as luck would have it we caught the other three just as we reached the Megalong Road in 57mins.

We paused to bid good day to Jen and to generally sort ourselves out for the next bit.

Moh led the way onwards until it got technical and then Ine (the Downhill Demon) took over with the rest of us in tight 'line astern' formation for the 5 or so k of trail to the river. I was quietly questioning my decision to continue as I still felt a bit sick - anyhoo....

I let gravity do its thing and I fanged it down the last hill on the grass to the left of the track and led the gang to the river. I just plunged straight in and to my surprise the water quickly came up to my chest - I've never seen it so deep - indeed in mid December it was just a puddle and the river wasn't flowing at all.

I was heartened when I turned and saw Terry following suit - more wisely than I by holding his pack over his head. Ine then followed and it was quite amusing to see the water come up almost to her chin - but she never once faltered. Moh and Rodo elected to take the rocks.

I clicked Garmy once we hit where the timing mats go at 1.46 - juuuust right :-) We made our way up to the tank for a resup just as another group came sauntering down from Mini Mini.

Moh and Terry the 2 strongest of our group led the way back - I tailed off to get a stone out of my shoe. I was just in the process of catching up when zap! Something (probably a bull ant) bit me on the top of the left foot - it hurt like hell.

I quickly ripped my shoe and sock off but couldn't see anything and decided to sit put for 5 mins just on the off chance it was a spider. When no red streaks appeared I donned my footwear and headed up the hill.

This section was much more comfortable for me today (except for the nausea) than last time and I caught and passed Rodo near the last gate and the rest of the gang at Megalong Road where they where patiently waiting.

When Rodo arrived (after a short break) we headed off again. We all ran fairly strongly at first but eventually the group splintered with Moh and Terry disappearing into the distance - then me and Ine, and Rodo took up tail end charlie.

At first Ine and I would run a bit, walk a bit, but when it steepend up after the villiage we just walked - besides I had run out of water - a cardinal sin I know - but I had gone through 3L in about 12k!!! I suspect I must have started this run a bit dehydrated - it fits with the nausea and I did get a touch of the sun mowing the lawns yesterday up the lake - Oh well - it's the water in your belly not the bottle that counts :-)

By a third of the way up the stairs I was fairly gagging for a drink. I was still sweating but my right calf was threatening to cramp - I think I was still lucid - but with me it can be hard to tell :-)

I relented and Ine patiently waited while I took on board 1 1/2 L in the Camelbak from one of the creeks  (and I drank all that too before I hit the top). But the damage was done - my calves were on the verge of cramping and I told Ine to go on and that I would wait till the fluid hit my system before proceeding. I suffered badly up the last half of the stairs - even had to sit down a couple of times. Still it was fun :-)

Arrived at the gate in 4.40 (I'd done 4.27 in mid December - oh well).

Ine had some nice cold watermelon (ta Ine) for us all and by and by Rodo turned up to join the party.

A pretty tough day at the office but I'm happy to have another good 'time on feet' hitout under my belt. It was also nice to meet up with some CR's I'd not met before (and those that I have).

Thanks for the company guys :-)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Stirring The Ewen Pot

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 29k
Month Total: 165k
Year Total: 165k

Still in recovery mode from Sunday's big day out - calves, right quad and left hammie are all still a bit sore so I've kept this weeks runs short and focussed on quality and leg speed.

I didn't want to risk a short speed session so settled on a 6k tempo instead as a fair compromise. After a trip to the beach Mrs 2P dropped me at the corner of the Old Pacific Highway and Kanagra Drive (the road into Gwandalan) and I ran home on the dirt track beside the roadway.

All up 6k in 29.22 @ 4.54 av - my first sub 5 min pace training run in a very long time - obviously the big hills I've been doing are having a positive impact on my leg speed - happy 2P :-)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back Up The Lake

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 23k
Month Total: 159k
Year Total: 159k

I'm back up the lake for the last few days of my holidays - so sorry I won't be able to comment on many blogs (only old blogger ones without word verification switched on).

After an afternoons boat hunting Mrs 2P dropped me off over near the Catherine Hill Bay turnoff and I ran the mildly undulating trails back through Crangan Bay.

All up 7k in 39.16 @ 5.37 av.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Play It Again Sam

Today Total: 8k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 152k
Year Total: 152k

Despite yesterdays easy run the leggies still have some residual soreness from the weekend. I had planned to introduce a midweek long run this week for the final lead up to Six Foot but thought it prudent to put it off.

So I headed out on exactly the same 8k loop I did yesterday - only a little bit faster. This route really does take in the best that Concord has to offer - lots of green and about 3k worth of foreshore - could just use a few more hills - which can be achieved by turning it into a 12k loop by throwing in a lap of the Concord Golf Course.

All up 8k in 43.05 @ 5.23av

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nice Recovery Mav

Today Total: 8k
Week Total: 8k
Month Total: 144k
Year Total: 144k

A movie quote for Miners :-)

I was way too sore to run yesterday - not only my legs but my neck, biceps and tum were all feeling the pinch. If anything I woke up even sorer this morning especially in the calves.

But after my lawn mowing recovery session I was feeling a lot looser this afternoon so headed out for a doddle around Concord.

It was a bit windy on the foreshore so I chose to cut back through Massey Park Golf Course and onto the streets.

Just cruisin really.

Actually went a bit quicker than I thought I would - 8k in 44.32 @ 5.34 av.

Nice :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

2P's Big Day Out (Pt 3)

Sorry about the third post but blogger wont let me upload pics to emailed blog entries - so Tesso this is the end of the mini-series - the recovery goes well - I'm pretty sore but no injuries that I can detect. I think I've milked this run enough now :-)

So the stats - I'm not sure if the "missing section" was handled as "the crow flies" (the section across the bottom of the map looks suspiciously straight) or as I was navigating a route (from programmed waypoints) Garmy recorded the whole trip? Anyhoo SportTracks put it at 43.56k. For the diary I'm rounding it up to 44k which I reckon is still pretty conservative.

Total ascent: 1,835m (woohoo)
Total descent: 1,835m (well it was a loop)
16.85kms of ascent
8.89kms of flat
17.83kms of descent (so the ups must have been slightly steeper than the downs)

Also I couldn't get a good image on Google Earth - but here is is anyway.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2P's Big Day Out (Pt 2)

Part 2 - The Run

MAR - a hootchie is what our esteemed army gives the humble digger to keep the elements at bay - what ho in this land of extremes - a 4 season tent? - nah - it's a bit of plastic (green of course) that has loops on it for which to attach string and tie said hootchie between 2 trees. And no - I'm not in the army :-)

The short version is - I had a ball today - if you want the longer version read on:

Turned the lamp out about 10PM and got 2 hours of good sleep till it started raining at midnight. From then on it was that fitful crappy dozing you get when it is raining and your nose is only inches from the roof - the big drops from the trees above beating down on the hootchie like a drum.

It stopped raining right on dawn (thanfully) so I broke camp - brewed up and got ready to head off.

Started out very conservatively and had an uneventful trot down to the Caves - though I did need to make use of the conveniences at Kiaora Hill - I was obviously a little too diligent with my carb loading as I had to go again at the Caves as well.

I topped up the Camelbak and sauntered through the Grand Arch - first time I've ever seen it empty - kewl :-)

The map shows the trail hugging the South-Western side of the river for the first part but in reality it criss-crosses several times which was initially a bit confusing.

As I came through the locked gate I glanced down at Garmy which said still 875m to go till the nose of the ridge - that's odd - I thought it would be closer... and I blindly travelled on..... dingbat head 2P! - what Garmy was trying to tell me was that I'd passed the point and that the NEXT point was 875m away on TOP of the ridge! Pay attention for goodness sake - and to think I pride myself on being a good navigator....

I eventually worked it all out after staring dumbly at the map for a while and then had to backtrack about 400m to the locked gate - which is exactly on the nose of the ridge - der Fred - what a time waster - though I did learn that the campground has taps which would be a better place to top up the Camelbak in future as there is one just 20m past the locked gate.

Well legend is right (ta Mr G for the intel - your book is on the money) there is evidence of an old road up the ridge - not much evidence - but evidence - though I don't think anything other than the bulldozer that cut it could have traversed it - bloody thing goes straight up and is so steep as to be barely walkable - took me forty minutes to do my 13th k split - dinkum!!! - Though that did include a bit of stuffing around at the bottom.

Once you get up a bit and the ridge broadens out it is a dogs breakfast
of fallen trees, stripped bark and leaf litter - the views back to the Grand Arch are spectacular though. You need to push over and cast about on the far (Eastern) side of the ridge to pick up the trail again.

From here the track undulates steeply but trends upwards towards the Kanangra Road - I just trotted the downs and walked the ups - I probably could have run some of the ups and run the downs harder but I was being conservative given what was still in store for me. Also - the mist had burned off and I was starting to feel the bite of the sun. In any event today wasn't about racing or pushing - it was about exploration, time on feet and having a good time :-)

The couple of clicks along the Kanangra Road are a necessary reminder that some kind of civilisation isn't that far away - well if you can call four wheel drive drivers and motorcross bikers civilised that is :-) - and whilst there wasn't much traffic the bits that went by had me choking on dust - the view off to the right is pretty specie though.

Arriving at the Blood Filly fire trail I had to take the pack off anyway to load up the Gatorade and as it is almost halfway -  I might as well have lunch. Not having had breaky (couldn't face it) I hoovered down a Bakers Delight wholewheat roll, a couple of mini Babybel cheeses and a handful of salted peanuts. Yet another loo break (damn freeze-dries), a re-application of some vaseline and sunscreen and it was back onto the trail.

Blood Filly fire trail and the Mount Dunc one it runs onto are a complete delight - shaded, great surface and gorgeous light timber with green (yes green) grass and mostly downhill - it just doesn't get any better - I was in trail running heaven - well until it started going back up that is :-)

NB there is a track junction about a k before the Maroora Boss junction that appears on the right that is not a marked trail on the map - sorry about that folks just a note to self for future reference. Though it does prove the value of programming in waypoints as I knew it had to be the wrong junction from Garmy - all day Garmy helped me out and was never more than 120m off the mark (once) - more often than not the error was between a few meters and 80m - not bad considering the crude method of lifting them off a map and then doing the conversions.

You can't miss the Moorara Boss fire trail - it is obviously the Alpha Trail hereabouts and fair enough too - the views alternating from right to left are simply stunning. Taking the time to look up the hills pays too as there are some awesome rock formations and gianormous boulders.

Climbing Moorara Boss I came across an echidna with yellowish quills - he was a cute little fella but not in the mood to chat - he just buried his snout and bared his quills when I stopped to say "g'day" - maybe my reputation preceeds me?

Anyhoo not long after this I realised the timer on Garmy was stopped - no idea for how long as I was stopping the timer whenever I pulled up eg for lunch, to look at the view or say - an echidna etc that way I could have a total time and a total moving time so I would know how I would go if racing - bugger - obviously I'd forgotten to turn it back on after one stop - a comparison of elapsed time against time of day meant it must have been at least 3k at a minimum given I knew what the difference between the 2 was at lunch - hopefully I will be able to fill in the blanks on Sportstrack or Google-Earth.

Lots of ups and downs on Moorara Boss but eventually you get to a point where it is all down and I mean all down - none of this 'flatten out and a sneaky up bit' that you get on other trail descents - just relentless switchbacks down, down and down.

The last 4k or so of this descent is without doubt THE WORST surface I have ever run on - it's a kind of sandy, gritty, quartzy conglomerate - sometimes it holds underfoot and other times it crumbles away and your foot sinks a couple of inches. Where I had been all sparked up to fang it I had to hold back - pulling 8 and 9 minute downhill k's playing a game of Russian Roulette on where I put my foot down - you gotta be kiddin me - downhill is supposed to be my strong suit!

It is also terribly exposed to the sun and the glare from the sand in general and the glitter from the little bits of quartz crystal that bedazzle your eyes like so many sparkling diamonds all add to the general discomfort.

Just when you think it can't get worse you get the same surface with side-plate sized rocks layered over the top - I was starting to stumble and slide bigtime - fortunately this section doesn't last long and just before you reach the bottom the world turns back to clay and basalt - happy, happy, joy, joy.

The crossing at the Jenolan River is picture perfect (pity I didn't have a camera) and I would have loved to spend more time here - but having lost so much time on the descent I didn't dare - I'd also used more Gatorade and water down the exposed section than I bargained on so I just paused to empty half a kilo of sand and crap out of each shoe - walk through the water and splash my face and neck (trying hard not to think that the Jenolan Sewerage Works empties into the river a few k upstream). A quick 'ooo and ahhh' at the big grey kanga's on the flat and up we go.

The only person I know who has traversed the Northern side of Moorara Boss (no one I know has done the Southern side) is CR Fats and in an email he warned me what an unrelenting and steep climb it is - well you weren't pulling my chain Fats - bloody hell - there was no running or even power walking for me here - it was just one foot trudging after the other - plod, plod - bloody plod - the only good news was there was none of that sandy crap that was on the other side so could be worse :-)

Wasn't long before all the Gatorade was gone and I fished out another handful of salted peanuts before switching to PB's - quietly wondering how long the water would last..... Well I ran out with a kilometre to go but fortunately the last 800m is relatively flat to mildly uphill - I could of run but as the old adage goes 'conserve sweat, not water' and I guess if there is no water then there is an even greater imperative to conserve sweat! - I walked.

Maybe I was getting a bit dehydrated and tired but I had the odd spot of bother finding my water drop - I could have sworn I left it near that big gum tree, or was it that one? No wait a minute....... bugger, bugger, bugger - only 6.5k to go but I aint budging till I have juice. So stop flapping about like a headless chook and get logical - search pattern time - start at the road - 5m wide sweeps over 30m front - second sweep - bingo - LOL it wasn't anywhere near a big gum tree - it was behind a fallen log :-)

That only left the 6.5k dash for cash up Black Range - so wotcha got left 2P? Not much - but at least I could muster a shuffle which bodes well for Six Foot - if I can shuffle up Black Range after 8 and a bit hours today then there is no excuse not to run it after 3 and a half on March 10 :-)

Arrived back at the car precisely 9 hours and 3 minutes after I left it - about an hour longer than I predicted - total moving time would have been in the vicinity of 8 and a bit hours.

What a thoroughly fantastic experience - a tougher albeit probably slightly shorter course than Six Foot - but then I wasn't racing - so hard to compare - but I don't reckon I'd go much under 7 1/2 or 8 hours even if I was fanging it.

Will post map and elevation profile (probably incomplete due to the timer issue) when I can get the technology to work - can't wait to see total elevation gain :-)

Oh yeah - for the trail runners out there - this is definitely one for the enthusiast!

2P's Big Day Out

Today Total: 46k (at least - probably more)
Week Total: 70k
Month Total: 136k
Year Total: 136k

Part 1 - The Preparation (Part 2 - The Run will follow in another installment).

I'm not exactly bored with running on Six Foot Track but I wanted something that would get me onto roads less travelled and also something that would challenge me a bit both physically and navigationally. Last January I did the 12 hour - this year I wanted something a bit different.

Answer - a 43k (approx) recce for what I hope will become a section of a fatass that I've been scheming over for a while now - it takes in part of the Six Foot Track from the Deviation to Jenolan Caves - then a bush bash up to the ridge to Oaky Camp that has a fire trail leading to the Kanangra Road at Mt Whiteley. From there it follows the Kanangra Road East for a couple of clicks and then fangs a left at Mt Lakeman to eventually join up with the Moorara Boss fire trail which ultimately joins back up with Black Range after crossing the Jenolan Gorge again..

The route would be fairly remote in parts (ie very unlikely to see anyone for a while) and much of it would be above 1000 meters - combine that with me going solo and the risk factors were adding up - so I decided to travel heavy - rain jacket, triangular bandage, roller bandage, space bag, pain killers, beanie, map, compass, Garmy, and a mobile phone (woishful thinking) and headlamp in case I had a drama - and then there was the food a water!

I might be toting some weight but at least I was going to get a chance to road test my new 35L capacity pack(and no I didn't fill it up) and hopefully not get an opportunity to try out the new Princeton Tec 1W headlamp - but it was coming for the ride just in case.

After dropping the Halfpenny back to Bathurst I hit the shops for victuals and then doddled across to the Black Range campground.

Initially I had just planned to doss down in the bivy bag but the constant weather reports citing impending showers (though hard to believe with crystal clear skies) had me woosing out and stringing up the hootchie - I love the humble hootchie and I was well pleased with my handywork :-)

The good thing about this route is that whilst it is remote parts, other parts can be accessed by car - so a set of water and Gatorade drops was in order.

So having the accommodation squared away I set out to do the drops - 2L of water at the junction of Black Range and the Maroora Boss fire trail - this is only about 6.5k from the end but I had heaps of H20 so what the heck.

Next was 2 x 600ml bottles of Gatorade at Kiaora Hill - Six Footers will know that is where the Jenolan Cabins are. Again this is not far from the start but it would save me having to lug another 1.2kgs up the cliff on the Deviation so well worth it - also I was far too stingy to pay the $4.50 to park my car at the Caves whilst I found a suitable hiding spot.

The final drop was at Mt Lakeman at the junction of the Blood Filly fire trail and Kanangra Road - another 2 x 600mls of Gatorade.

The drops meant I could get away with just 2L in the Camelbak (filled at Jenolan Caves) - I was expecting to be out about at least 8 hours NB I could have put out more water as well - but I'm a stickler for taking my rubbish with me and so despite the size of my pack space would become a problem re: the empties - and I just knew I wouldn't be arsed driving back to collect them after I finished.

Driving through the Jenolan Gorge I started to wonder WTF I had got myself into - the scale of things here is XXL - funny how time dulls the memory - "I am going to cross the Jenolan Gorge (ie what you can see in front of you) TWICE on trails steeper than Pluvio - I am going to do farking what"?!?

I was also a bit apprehensive about finding the right ridge to take up to Oaky Camp (the bush bas bit) so I pulled up at the campground turnoff and again at Inspiration Lookout on the way back to do a bit of a map study.

Legend has it that there was once a road up the Oaky Camp ridge but from my distant perch I couldn't detect it - but at least I could confirm that the ridge looked navigable - I'd just have to be able to find the bugger from the bottom now :-) I programmed the waypoint into Garmy for the nose of the ridge so that should get me within 80m or so of the right spot.

It was getting on toward 6.00pm by the time I got back to camp - time to get the billy fired up,  strap on the nose bag and settle the nerves a bit. And whilst the campground on the West side of the Jenolan Rd is choccas it's only me and a herd of about 30 kanagroos in residence at the Deviation. The kanga's are quite cute - they are just munching away on grass from between 5 to 50 meters away - if I get up they watch me but don't hop off and I don't try to go near them - live and let live I say.

Well it's just after 8.00pm as I tap out this sentance on the cackleberry (no reception so I won't be sending it) and I'm feeling very at peace and content - all my preparation is good - now it is just a matter of doing it. It has clouded over and is quite cool so it might be time to turn back the bed covers and see if housekeeping has left a chocolate under my pillow.

To be continued.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Touch Of Speed

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 24k
Month Total: 90k
Year Total: 90k

What a gorgeous morning for running :-) I left it a bit late to get out but as I always find running in heat enervating this was no drama.

I've been trying to get at least one speed session in per week but with feeling blahish earlier in the week and a longish run planned for Sunday I didn't want to toast the leggies too much given that today is Friday - 3 x 1k repeats should just get them a light golden brown.

The goal was to go sub 4.30 for each repeat.


Mission accomplished.

It means I could just about keep up with Steve L for one kilometre of his medium long training runs - I wouldn't be much company though - it's hard to talk when you are breathing so hard you are about to blow your lungs inside out :-)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Clear & Fine

Today Total: 12k
Week Total: 18k
Month Total: 84k
Year Total: 84k

After a couple of decidedly blahish days I really needed a run and given the prediction is for a stinker today I needed to do it this morning.

I felt really rusty over the first couple of k's but it was one of those runs that just got better the further I went.

It was absolutely still around the foreshore and the water was like glass - the surface tension only broken by the early morning rowers.

I pulled a 2 minute negative split for the back 6k which is pleasing given the back six is the hilly bit - I struggled on the flat more if anything as after running hilly trails for the last couple of weeks I found it a bit repetitive and tedious - how ya gonna keep em down on the farm......

Final k in 5.02 - had it under 5min pace but the last little hill just knocked me over - anyhoo I'm happy with the strongish finish.

All up 12k in 67.45 @ 5.39av.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh Well

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total: 72k
Year Total: 72k

Back home from up the coast and this mornings run was.... well let's just say there is room for improvement....

Turned Garmy off at 6k and just walked home - I don't often quit but it just would have been stoopid to push a rapidly deteriorating sitch - see - who says ya can't teach an old dog new trick :-)

Nothing serious - just feel a bit crook that's all - ya get that on the big jobs.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Kicked Your Butt 2P :-)

Today Total: 26k
Week Total: 66k
Month Total: 66k
Year Total: 66k

Well *touch wood* the year has started well - not only my highest weekly kilometre tally since the troubles - but considering 6k was done flat stick and over 50k of it was run on hilly trails it has also been my hardest.

I really didn't want to play this morning - yesterday I had one of those six monthly headaches that makes you feel like your head is going to split. Which as an aside is why I was a no show as a spectator at the 12 hour - instead I was at home with my noggin buried under a pillow wishing that the flies could walk more softly on the roof - suffice it to say I felt flat as a tack when I woke up.

Time for the 2P 5 minute rule - run for 5 minutes and if it still feels crap go back home! I set the course function on Garmy using the course (my Roller Coaster course) from New Years Eve and headed off around the lake.

After just a few hundred meters I was off the pace and well behind - I decided not to look again till the 3k mark when I would have climbed the first reasonably sized hill - 47m in front - well, well, well, what have we got here 2P? - A PB opportunity? Early days..... and whilst iwasnt feeling brilliant I certainly didn't need to turn around and go home..

By 9k I had 275m up and the big hills were about to start - the next 4k contains the biggets hills and by the time I got to 13k I was 390m up - looking good. Given that New Years Eve run was 7 mins outside my PB time I knew I would have to beat myself (lol - I love technology) by more than a km to have a crack at the PB - half way and only 390m up - I needed to get a wriggle on.

I got a fair bit ahead on the run down into Catherine Hill Bay but then I lost some on the haul up to the Pacific Highway and I started to worry I'd cooked myself - but then running along the Pacific Highway (doing what Benny would call a "Vanity Fartlek" - you run faster whenever someone is watching :-) ) I started to increas the lead - at 18k I was up by 750m.

I hammered it down through the fire trails in Crangan Bay and eventually got out to about 950m in front - for the next 3k I hovered between 920 and 950m in front and then I let rip down the last hill pushing out to about 1.04km in front and then just tried to hold on for the last k.

In the way that only runners think is good I was suffering and just kept nudging the pace up until finally (I thought it would never come) the course completion alert went off. I had beaten my run on New Years Eve by 1.07k but more importantly by the 7 mins I needed to equal my course PB.

I stopped the clock in 2.51.12 - alas I didn't record the seconds the last time I ran 2.51 in Feb '06 so I don't know if it was a PB or not - but given my propensity for rounding down it's a safe bet I at least equalled it :-)

Pretty satisfied with that.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Bit Of This - A Bit Of That

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 40k
Month Total: 40k
Year Total: 40k

With a full day of visiting duties on the schedule today it was up and out the door early for a nice slow doddle around Gwandalan and environs.

A fairly whimsical sort of run that took in some lakefront, some road and some trail. Beautifully clear morning out there today - feels like it is going to be a hot one.

All up a pedestrian 7k in 43.41 @ 6.14 average.

Good luck to all the Coastal Classic 12 Hour guys tonight - may your legs carry you on to all that you aspire to achieve and more ;-)

Friday, January 05, 2007


Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 33k
Month Total: 33k
Year Total: 33k

After splashing about in the surf at Catherine Hill Bay I ran home via the same route I ran Monday.

The first 2k exactly of this run are all uphill inclusive 2 x 600m of particularly nasty bits and after yesterdays rest I decided to give it a bit of a go - I was well satisfied to split in 5.53 and 6.11 respectively. My leggies well and truly had the bite on them already so it was going to be interesting to see what I could hold on for for home.

There is one more stiff uphill bit which is virtually the whole 5th kilometre and I  split it in 6.27 - my quads and calves really had the burn up now and I was panting like a puppy at play time.

The rest of the run is just mildy undulating trail but I had to dig deep to try and maintain sub 6 min k's - particularly over the last 2k which were dead-set into the teeth of a howling Nor-Easter.

I put the pedal to the metal over the last 500m to make my last k split in 5.15 which had me gasping like a gaffed fish and doing the whole bend over with your hands on your knees routine.

Very happy to have done this 10k in 58.05 (av5.49) compared to the 63 minutes flat it took me to do it on Monday - amazing what a rest day will do for you :-)

Also managed to get a couple of paddles in the canoe in over the last couple of days which is good fun and a nice low heart rate workout.

Thanks for the continued comments guys - for those of you who haven't heard from me for a while because of the cackleberry issues I am keeping up via bloglines and look forward to resuming normal service soon.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Easier 7k

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 23k
Month Total: 23k
Year Total: 23k

All except for the second kilometer of this run was a much easier hit out than I've been doing lately.

The second k is exclusively uphill and I  gave it some - splitting in 5.57 and sucking in the big ones - I was heartened that when things flattened out I easily went back to a comfy 5.35(ish) pace.

With 250m to go I turned the wick up a bit to finish the last k in 5.11 to give me a total of 7k in 39.08 @ 5.35 average.

Very enjoyable recovery run :-)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Need For Speed

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 16k
Year Total: 16k

We were a bit late getting back from the shopping expedition today so with not much time available I made an impromptu decision to do a speed session.

Given I've done two consecutive hilly runs I didn't want to go full tilt as though I'm not sore the leggies are definitely a bit weary and I am exceedingly keen not to injure myself - so I decided on 1 x 3k, 1 x 2k & 1 x 1k with 3 minutes standing recovery..

1 x 3k in 14.40 @ 4.54 average
1 x 2k (with 150m steep uphill) in 9.37 @ 4.49 average
1 x 1k (with 400m gentle downhill) in 4.27

The leggies were surprisingly fine - it was the cardio-vas system that wouldn't let me go any harder - considering I ran 5k in March '06 at a 4.33 average I'm not quite back in shape yet - but I guess I'm getting there.

So you're safe for a little while yet Ewen :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Surf 'N Turf

Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 10k
Year Total: 10k

Alright already - I went for a run OK?


The Halfpenny who last year hated the beach announced she wanted to go today - fine by me - we could go to the beach and I could run home - poifict!

So it was off to Catherine Hill Bay - Mum, Mrs 2P, the HP and me - the tide was out but I still managed to body surf in on a couple of little waves before making like a starfish on the sand for a while.

When it was time to go I changed into my running togs, slapped on some more factor 30 and headed off. My left shoulder was a bit stiff from yesterdays tumble and I also had a real tight spot right in the middle of my shoulder blades which restricted my breathing a bit at first.

My leggies had pulled up really well after yesterdays hilly 26 k's but the steep pinch up past the Catho Pub and the long exposed uphill haul to the Pacific Highway had me huffing and puffing and sweating like a polar bear at Sea World - but given it has been taking 2 days (or more) recovery after my long runs - I'm very happy with being able to back up with another hilly one so soon.

The motor cross boys gave me a good dusting down through the Crangan Bay fire trails but apart from that little inconvenience I was in my element trotting along to the tune of the cicadas.

One quirky thing for the start of the year - I stopped the clock at 10k in exactly 63 minutes flat - I suppose the odds are only 60:1 but it doesn't seem to happen that often (av 6.18).

I think I could get used to this holiday thing :-)

Back To Zero

Today Total: 0k
Week Total: 0k
Month Total: 0k
Year Total 0k

Just wanted to reset the odometer :-)