Thursday, August 31, 2006

Flight Of The Phoenix

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 4k
Month Total: 4k
Year Total: 1277k

Well not so much a matter of rising up from the ashes as struggling up through the phlegm and blubber. Nevertheless today was my first run since 3 July! I did do 20mins light workout on Monday but before that it was zip, nada, nuffin in the exercise department.

Since my last post my back improved steadily but then I contracted the chest infection from hell - a real pearler - I'm talkin the full ubangi - I mean the complete rootin, tootin shootin match - the whole nine yards -in a word - "yukko"! I haven't been as crook in years and with work really hectic I couldn't take time off so each day was a bit of a struggle (read my pathetic attempt at an excuse for not commenting on other blogs).

One other charming side-affect is that I've put on 7kgs since my pop passed away on 10 June - ahem!

Anyway it was good to have a hit out. Ran a steady first 2k then walk/ran the 3rd and jogged in the 4th for 4k in about 27mins.

Here's to keeping it going ;-)