Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi all,

Having been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late I thought it timely for an update. My last 2 runs were 3 July & 22 June respectively.

Well I did it again, but this time I did it good. It was a case of 3 strikes and I'm out! Yep - I moved furniture again and my Crook Back Syndrome has been back with a vengance. Its not your mucking about type of CBS, its more like your fair dinkum one minute you're bending down to pull on a sock the next you're laying on the floor in a foetal position sucking your thumb kinda CBS.

Alas I suspect I need to concede my furniture moving days are over - pity - whilst I can't run for crap and academically I'm no great shakes either - I have been really, really good at picking heavy things up and putting em down again - looks like I'll just have to get better at running ;-)

I aint whinging - no doubt the universe is turning out as it should. A restructure and expansion at work has seen my portfolio double in size, so in one of those quirky twists it probably hasn't been such a bad thing that I've only had one major area of focus - could have lived without the pain though so I suppose I am whinging a bit.

Anyhoo, fact is I'm still sidelined but I'm  casting an eye out for something that might float my boat as a goal to motivate me to start running again the moment I can.

My four target races this year were: the Gosford 12 hour; 6 Foot; PMC; and 12 Foot and then just see what happened. As it turned out the first two went relatively well but complicating factors meant I whimped out at 62k of PMC. The CBS precludes a start at 12 Foot - so where to from here?

Any ideas?

Oh and whilst I'm here - please do me a favour and visit - if you decide to sign up with goodcall 6% of your total mobile call spend will be donated to Disability Services Australia and it won't cost you a cent - you just have to agree to receive your bill via email. If you are already with Telstra or Optus you will be able to stay with them. If you are with Vodaphone (or another telco) they will swap you to either Telstra or Optus (at no cost to you) and will match or better your current plan.

Sorry I haven't been the most attentive commenter on your blogs of late - hopefully this is a matter I can rectify soon.

Regards, 2P

Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby Steps

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 5k
Month Total: 5k
Year Total: 1273k

Since my last post.......

I finished work commitments in Rotorua on the Friday and drove back to Auckland where I swapped my boss for Mrs 2P. That night we drove just North of Auckland to Orewa a nice little beachside town.

As so often happens when you switch off after a stressful time, the next day I came down with a sore throat as we made our way to Paihia. By the Sunday it was a full on yukki headcold and my back was killing me so we decided to stay put and just do day excursions.

Took in the Waitangi Treaty Grounds then the Ngawha Springs where we made like tea bags in so many thermal pools - great for the back but my cold only got worse so no chance for running. Monday we took the car ferry and visited Russell a very nice spot on the other side of the Bay of Islands and allegedly NZ's first capital.

On Tuesday we took off for the West coast and made our way through Opononi and into Kauri land paying obligatory homage to Tana Mahuta NZ'zzzzz oldest known Kauri circa 1500 to 2000 years old - not super tall but a whopping 13m in diameter. Nothing took our fancy on the West coast so we hopped back to the East and found an idyllic ridge top chalet at Mangawhai Heads.

It would have been perfect except at 4.30am we were awoken to someone trying to force the door - armed with the knowledge that I knew the layout of the room I left the lights off and shaddowed the would be intruder as he (they?) tried the windows then the sliding balcony door - having no success they quit. Shortly after I sustained the shock of my life but thankfully escaped serious injury when Mrs 2P gave me a superbly executed rabbit punch to the kidneys because I went back to sleep :-)

Anyhoo no harm done and next day it was back to Auckland to fly out. Back in Sydney then Bathurst for the weekend and as I have still been trying to give the lurgy the flick I've pretty much done nothing in over a week and a bit so decided to break the drought tonight.

Nothing spectacular just a 5k out and around Cape Cabarita in light rain - breathing a bit crappy on the homeward leg but happy to have got this one under my ever expanding belt.