Saturday, September 30, 2006

CR 5k Challenge

Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 24k
Month Total: 57k
Year Total: 1334k

What a gorgeous morning for a run around The Bay.

I didn't set the alarm last night and left it up to the running gods as to whether I would run today or not. When I awoke at 0630 it was going to require fine timing if I was to make the start and after about 30 seconds of procrastinating I decided to give it a crack.

The start was choca's with about 40 yellow and blue clad warriors toeing the line - I made it just in time to go off with the largish 28min group including Birthday Girl Owly, Plu, Pipe, Kit & Ellie.

Kit and Ellie quickly took off and the rest of us meandered along in a loose group - I tailed off the back of the pack by about the 2.5k mark and doddled along around 20m behind the rest. By 3k I was really struggling to stay in touch but toughed it out with the mantra "don't quit, don't you DARE quit".

By 3.5k the over achievers started to go by which always gives me a lift and I picked up the pace slightly - when Birthday Girl Mk11 the legendary and wonderous Tesso came up on my shoulder at 4.3k (running off 22 I think) I just couldn't resist going with her for about 400m - eventually though I had to pull the pin and let her go - giving her one final gee up before I dropped.

BGMk1 Owly then came up to me and I picked the pace up and accompanied her over the line in 27.58 - a far cry from the sub 23 mins I did in March but I was happy to have finished relatively unscathed.

I was a little over enthusiastic at the start of the run back as the pack was "jogging" back at a faster pace than I came in the other direction - when I finally realised the sound of that freight train was actually my breathing I slowed and eventually tailed off with Owly and Pipe for a companionable trot back to the start.

All up 10k in about 61.40 and I'm pretty happy to have hit double figures in the distance department again - now for the mow-the-lawn recovery session :-)

Big Happy Birthday to The Owl & Tesso xx - sorry I can't join you for the celebration kids.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

B +ve

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 14k
Month Total: 47k
Year Total: 1324k

"Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmmm"

That's me trying to feel a whole lot better about tonights run than when I first finished it.

"Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm" I'd do it in the lotus posie if I seriously didn't think my aching bloody knee joints would dislocate at the mere thought of crossing my legs.

"Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm" that run really didn't hurt and those walk breaks were but an opportunity for me to take in more of natures beauty and smell the metaphorical roses.

"Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmm" that time I picked up cadence and knee lift when the pretty girl was running towards me was not male ego - rather it was an attempt to inspire a sister runner - to feel a oneness as we both communed on a metaphysical level as fellow runners in the common cause of further, faster.

"Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm" that retching shortly afterwards was just the bodies way of cleansing itself of negativity.

"Ohmmmmm, ohmmmmmm" - bloody ohm never looked so good as when I finally turned the corner back into my street.

Well it's done and that's about the best thing I have to report.

"Ohmmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmmm".

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hit Me

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 7k
Month Total: 40k
Year Total: 1317k

I'm still carrying significant hurty bits from Sundays assault - but that morsel of massochism must have been good for my running soul because I've been able to think of nothing else since other than "when can I run again"? That and the fact that several Six Foot threads have cropped up on CR over the last couple of days - as I said in one of them - "I only run to support my Six Foot Track habit" - And I'm in need of a fix so hit me baby :-)

When the opportunity to knock off work early arose I snatched it and headed off home for a run. I did a loop that took me through the Concord green belt to Concord Oval and then back via the foreshore along Canada Bay to Breaky Point and home again.

Not the most glamorous performance I have ever turned in and I took a few rest and walk breaks but hey I'll take it ;-)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hamseen Epic

Today Total: 8k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 33k
Year Total: 1310k

*Warning long post alert - but this run was a special*

Driving back from Bathurst through the occasional dust storm in very warm and windy conditions I knew if I stopped for a run up the mountains I was going to dry out quicker than a celebrity at a Betty Ford clinic. With only a 500ml hand bottle available for the actual run I set myself a 750ml suck water KPI for the car trip.

With the strong North Westerly blowing I briefly flirted with the idea of the Grand Canyon loop or doing the Six Foot stairs as both would be very protected - but I figured the long climbs out would be counter-productive at my current level of fitness. So I headed for the locked gate on Narrowneck figuring that though it is an exposed ridge the Southerly aspect from that point on should at least offer some respite from the howling gale.

It's nice to have theories :-)

But I wasn't going to die wondering if Schroedingers (sic?) Cat bit the big one or not on this trip - and let me tell you I know for a fact - the cat dies. The wind was truly horrific!!!

Heading off from the car I had butterflies in my belly but conjuring up an old mentors mantra of "don't let fear stop ya son - think it through" I reasoned the threat from deadfall given the wind had been blowing for some time was minimal. And to be fair the route selection did offer some respite (in some places).

My lack of fitness had me walking the hills sooner than I'd of liked and it was a commiting decision at the 3k mark to drop down into the deepest and steepest of the big dips on Narrowneck.

Climbing the otherside I became exposed to the full force of the wind from the exposed Westerly side of the ridge and by the time I hit the 4k mark the sandblasting and buffeting of the wind in my back was giving me full indication of what I was in for on the return. When one gust hit me like a shove in the back propelling me forward a few meters I decided enough was enough and pulled up stumps and headed for home.

And what an interesting experience that was.

Suffice it to say that as I sit in the car tapping this report out on the Blackberry my face is a mixture of burn and sting and my eyeballs feel like someone has rubbed them dry with a 12 year old chamoise that has been left out in the sun.

Anyhoo the coffee I thankfully brought along in a thermos is nice and I managed to miss the rain which is just starting to fall - small mercies.

Even though it was only 8kms I won't be forgeting this one in a hurry - what a hoot ;-)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

ACTing Runner

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 8k
Month Total: 25k
Year Total: 1302k

I woke well before the alarm this morning after one of those truly awful sleeps that you can only get in a hotel where the aircon is either too hot or too cold and its too stuffy to turn it off.

Fortunately it was an absolutely stunning Canberra morning (though I'm terribly glad I packed a long sleeve top) so I headed off down through Telopea Park to the lake to play the 'let's side step the goose poop' game for about 400m till it was time to turn around and head back.

In one of lifes coincidences who should be coming the other way than the Chairman of my organisations Board of Directors. This is kinda funny as I'm not only an acting runner at the moment but I've also been acting as Big Kahuna at work for the last month while the boss has been away.

So after passing pleasantries with CBoD and subtly trying to reassure him that I was a) actually in the ACT on business, b) not stalking him, and c) that I hadn't contrived this chance meeting as a massive suck-up, I struggled my way back up the slight incline back to Rydges happy to have put another one in the bank.

Probably won't have another go till the weekend - I'm not really very sore but my legs feel like my feet have bricks tied to them.

Onwards and upwards ;-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy Grind

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 4k
Month Total: 21k
Year Total: 1298k

After Sunday's run and last nights training the legs were a little leaden tonight but I was determined to get out for a trot.

Though my legs felt heavy I was able to run more of the hill tonight and all in all kept to a much more consistent pace. At the end of the run I elected to progressively speed up over the last 500m rather than extend the distance and managed 5.15 for the last k - I was panting like a St Bernard at the Equator but it's such a great feeling when you hit terminal velocity.

I'll have another go on Thursday whilst I'm in our fair nations capital.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Take Two

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 4k
Month Total: 17k
Year Total: 1294k

And on the 7th day he ran.

After my first attempt 2 weeks ago this last week was a bit of a set back. Without whinging (too much) I've been working my tail bone off at work and between that and my other teaching commitments I just had nothing left for running.

Yesterday I had hoped to run but with all the energy of a corpse I just veged around the house all day moaning and groaning till Mrs 2P made me go out for dinner - which to be fair did chirp me up a bit.

Today was garden chores which I undertook with reasonable grace and then a quick trip out to mums (she's got a broken wing at the moment) with a couple of meals she can heat up and eat with just a fork (courtesy of Mrs 2P).

When we got back I knew if I didn't run again soon it would just get harder and harder so I headed off on another circumnavigation of Concord Golf Course - I had to walk a bit of the hill which miffed me a bit but at least I finished fairly strongly.

I'm glad to get that one done as it will make the next one easier - provided I do it in the next 3 days that is......

Be the runner 2P, be the runner........

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Bit Further

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 13k
Month Total: 13k
Year Total: 1290k

The weather up at Gwandalan was atrocious this weekend and with no footpaths to speak of I wasn't that keen to take my chances on the road. I was however really keen to get a run in so when I got home tonight I headed straight out in the squally rain.

On the last couple of runs I have had to walk a bit on the long hill behind Concord Golf Course but tonight I motored up it and celebrated by adding an extra k to the run.

Some of the showers were quite hard but I was pretty happy in an old light weight shell that I've had for yonks but for some reason never got that much work - all up I did the 5k in just a smidge over 30 mins so it is starting to come back - just need to maintain some consistency and I should be jake.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tankety Tank

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 8k
Month Total: 8k
Year Total: 1285k

Sheesh - well the scales still refuse to come in under triple figures but at least I took another minute and a half off Tuesdays effort (if only I could keep improving at this rate). I'm certainly at no risk of the wind blowing me over at this weight though it did cause my ears to start aching during my doddle around the golf course tonight.

I pulled up surprisingly well after Tuesday though a teency bit shin sore after training last night - I always get a bit of shin soreness when I start back up so I'm not too worried as long as I don't over do it and give my calves a good stretch they should be fine.

I forgot to mention I'm also breaking in my new bronze coloured Nimbus VIII's - man they are one butt ugly looking shoe - comfy but ;-)

How about that weather?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Humpty Dumpty Hit A Great Wall

Today Total: 4k
Week Total: 4k
Month Total: 4k
Year Total: 1281k

Wow did I get a dose of DOMS after last Thursdays pathetic effort! Things weren't too bad on Friday but the longer Saturday went on the worse things got - guess that's why they call it DOMS huh?

Well time for another dose of systematic desensitisation (I'm desensitising myself to the concept that at the moment running = pain and lots of floppy jiggly bits) and took off around the golf course again tonight.

Testimony to that old adage that the body is a self maximising machine (and believe me my body can take that statement quite literally when I don't train) I knocked 1min 40 off my last try - so here's hoping I don't end up as sore!

BTW thanks for the warm welcome back guys - much appreciated