Monday, February 28, 2011


We'll all these aches and pains have landed the old 2P's in hospital......

Turns out I have Reactive Arthritis - from the Gastro I had from 9-13 Feb - severe back and shoulder pain ensued, then a week later my feet went, now a week later my hands have gone.

All the inflammation markers in my blood tests were sky high - the good news all the rest of the results were pretty good.

The pain is really quite interesting and certainly a new experience - I'm on Endone (morphine) but they might as well be giving me aspirin - for all the good it's doing - doc just doubled the dose a couple of hours ago, but it still hurts like a bitch. Im not convinced it's not a placebo.

Anyhoo they reckon I'm here till at least Thursday till they are sure the treatment is working.

Prognosis is good, they reckon 95% of people make a full recovery albeit it can take some time, so the odds are pretty good. Apparently there is one other thing it could be but I can't remember the name, apparently it is pretty rare but also treatable - the results of the tests they did today should rule that out (or in) - but n any event apparently no biggie if it is.

With a little bit of luck I'll be up and around in no time -Hellgate might be a bit of challenge - but hey - I love challenge.

All good :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad to Worse

Well the old 2P's has gone from bad to worse......

I'm not given to complaining - but I am in pain and don't know why.

My shoulders still hurt, my feet joined them last week and now my hands are well..... throwing their hand in too.

Doctors don't have a clue - I've been treated for everything from gout to a staph infection and many things in-between. Due to a stuff up the world supply of blood tests didn't get back in time yesterday till after my doctor knocked off so I'll have to wait till Monday to see if there are any answers there?

I've taken gout meds, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, Panadeine forte, Valium - I've tried ice, I've tried difflam. At best they make the pain bearable but it is always there.

Went to work Wednesday night (Board Meeting), Thursday & Friday and each time, by the time I got home - well let's just say I wasn't presenting as a big tough guy....

I'm even finding it almost impossible to play guitar - but I'm persisting.

Anyhoo - as I'm want to quote "pain is mandatory, suffering is optional" - I'm keeping my focus - I really want to do Hellgate in April even if I only walk it.

Hopefully I'll get an answer soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drowning Ducks

Well by Sunday night the Gastro had abated - all good - except that Monday morning I awoke to an excruciating pain in my left shoulder!

I toughed it out at work but pain turned to spasms..... Some Mersyndol nights and Voltaren 25's got things under control Monday night, but by Tuesday arvo I was having to take silly amounts just to get through the day - Wednesday I had no option but to go to the Doctors as not only were the spasms out of control, they had also spread to the right shoulder and i was literally in screaming agony - WTF?

Having now been poked, prodded and imaged it appears on Sunday night I rolled in my sleep and tore the subscapularis on my left shoulder - sometime Tuesday night whether as a result of spasm or another sleep rolling incident I tore the infraspinatus on my right shoulder!

Today I lay in a Panadeine Forte, Valium & Voltaren induced haze wondering how the f*ck did this happen?

Please, nobody give me a duck to look after!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crook Guts

After Sundays recovery walk I haven't done anything since - at first I was in a world of blissful pain and then things just deteriorated from there.

Started to walk up and down stairs without having to bear weight on my arms on Thursday, just in time to get a tummy bug! Bugger! I really wanted to capitalise on the base I've been building and get some good regular running happening.

Today my legs are almost pain free, still just a snitch sore in the shins and calves and I feel my quads just a touch on stairs - my poor old tummy however is a mess. If it doesn't start to clear up by tomorrow I might have to see a quack.

The good news is my weight has dipped well and truly into double digits for the first time since 2008. For the last couple of years I've hovered just over the 100kg mark and had a bit of a roller coaster ride between there and 108kgs. Last Friday before my big day out I was 99kgs - my weight went up after Sunday to 103kgs as I think the shock to my system had me retaining fluid - without doing anything in particular and just eating normally it steadily fell back to 99kgs by Thursday. I'm a bit lighter than that now but it is a bit artificial due to the current churblings and eruptions.

So I've lost about 10kgs since 10 January and more importantly changed shape considerably which I'm pretty happy about - guess I'm just blogging to keep me mentally in the game till I can run again.

All good :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

400% Rule

Yesterday Total: 31kms
Week Total: 45kms
Month Total: 37kms
Year Total:

Having done a few run/walk thingees at 7.5k - 8k I thought it was time to ramp it up a bit and also chuck in a bit of a hill - answer - Explorers Tree to Coxs River and return.

After my run in the heat on Tuesday the Right Twin really arced up - walked on Wednesday which only made matters worse so rested up completely Thursday & Friday.

I hadn't planned to do the Coxs River thing but around 9:30pm on Friday night out of nowhere the idea popped into my noggin - why not?

Now I'm not completely stoopid - I knew this would hurt considering my present weight and level of unfitness but I just needed to think it through and plan to look after myself - how excitement.

I did a quick search on my blog to look up all my previous entries containing "Coxs" - after having a read I figured somewhere in the 6-7 hour mark would do it (my PB being 4.02 & previous PW about 6.45). So I planned out the hydration, tucker and electrolyte based on a 7 hour outing. The weather report had me adding in a safety factor.

I was well pleased with myself running by 6:45am - 400m later I was well pissed off when the Right Twin twanged...... After singing "should I go or should I stay na na na na na nah" I hobbled down the stairs, then limped down the steep technical trail to the 4wd track - found I could shuffle along at about a 7.30/8.00 minute pace but any faster was out of the question. Oh well - probably a good thing given I'm fat and unfit.

Long story short - made the river in 2.40 - resupped with water and headed back walking only. Apart from bailing out an NRG runner who was out of water the return trip was relatively uneventful.

I always knew the stairs back up Nellies would hurt - I was right - took me 1.20 to get from the trail head back to the car - took me about 23 mins on the way down!

All up the time on feet was 7.00.22 a new PW but a very satisfied 2P.

Today my chin was fine and even my earlobes seemed pretty good - just about everything else hurts though - managed a slow 5k recovery walk today in just over an hour.

All good :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Almost Twice The Separation

Today Total: 6kms
Week Total: 14kms
Month Total: 6kms
Year Total: TBA - I need to recount

The mercury was tipping 41 when I headed out this arvo - so if yesterday I figure I was 6 degrees over what is reasonable - today was 11!

On my run/walk thin gees lately I've headed out pretty much as hard as I can till I bonk and then struggle home any way I can - today I took a different approach given the weather - you can't control the elements but you can work with them and still have a good time. So I headed out soft keeping the first 3kms down to 7:30 each.

It was a pretty good strategy because I was feeling pretty comfy till the right Twin started to bitch and complain and I had to start to walk more. By the end of the 6th k it was all over red rover as the right Twin was threatening a full dummy spit - probably the universe unfolding as it should as the weather was a tad extreme for running. I actually covered 8kms but as I didn't run any of the last 2 I didn't count them in my tally.

It was kind of interesting because the bike track that is normally teaming with people was deserted - only saw 3 bike riders and 1 others jogger in all the time I was out when I'd normally see them in their tens. Massey Park Golf Course looked like the day after a neutron bomb strike - not a single player in sight.

Greet fun though - I had a ball!

All good :)