Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Degrees of Separation

Today Total: 8kms
Week Total: 8kms
Month Total: 65kms
Year Total: 65kms edited to correct total

Well at 36 degrees C when I started out I reckon there was about 6 degrees of separation from what would make a reasonable running temperature :)

Actually I love training in the heat - as fat and unfit as I am, heat just never seems to be a factor for me. Dunno whether that is a physiological thing or a psychological thing - guess I don't really care as long as I'm not whinging.

Anyhoo the left Twin was a bit grumpy, so only walking on Friday and over the weekend but felt alright when I started out today. Both twins are acting out a bit tonight the bastards so have to see how I pull up tomorrow - could be back to walking - I'm whinging so I must care :) for the record, my chin is just fine.

Today's effort was a little slower but more consistent - 8k in exactly 1:00:00 - couldn't believe I got it bang on when I looked down at Garmy.

All good :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Today Total: 8kms
Week Total: 15.5kms
Month Total: 42kms
Year Total: 42kms

Well I've been back at it (finally).

2010 was a massive year with lots happening - some good, some bad.

Lowlights included:

- Mum having a mild stroke in January and a string of incidents since culminating in her collapsing while in hospital in December and stopping breathing - fortunately the crash team revived her but she has had to give up her home where she lived for 47 years and move into a nursing home.

- Missing out on the CEO's job at work after 16 years of blood, sweat & tears.

- Miscellaneous Halfpenny issues requiring heaps of time and emotional (and financial) effort.

Highlights included:

- Seeing Mum happy and relatively well(ish) in the nursing home - she really has an amazingly positive attitude to life and has taken her new reality and the selling of the house in her walker assisted stride!

- Getting a CEO job in another organisation :)

- Got the HP through a Cert IV in Performing Arts at Brent Street

Anyhoo enough of This Is Your Life and back to running..... I've been doing some walk/runs since the New Year started but today I did moe of a run/walk - 8k in just on 58 minutes - so just over 7 minute pace.

The left of the Evil Twins is giving me a bit of gyp tonight - but otherwise all good :)