Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bush Baby

Today Total: 6km
Week Total: 24km
Month Total: 6km
Year Total: 312k

On Friday night I had dinner with my partners in crime of more than 20 years of training - then on Saturday morning Mrs 2P and I headed South to join one of our dearest friends to celebrate their 60th birthday at Bristol Point Camping Ground (near Green Patch but nicer) on Jervis Bay. Di sweety, you are the living image that 60 is the new 40....

Anyhoo apart from walking & walking this weekend I got in a run this morning on pure trails - ahhhh the serenity.....

As for the title of this post - we were camped with some ex-pat South African's who persisted in calling the possoms who came to visit us "bush babies" - gues it is better than the Kiwi's who were with us who saw them as bounty!

Lol - it is all good :)