Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Dunston Dash

Today Total: 6km
Week Total: 13km
Month Total: 54km
Year Total: 257km

When I left home on Sunday night I never intended on going to Adelaide but when a unique opportunity presented itself a detour was in order. The only problem being the people I was going to see couldn't give me a firm time to meet, so I felt a bit rude standing fellow blogger Simlin up when he kindly offered to meet me for a run. Sorry mate.

Anyhoo when I got to my apartment at 10pm there was a message saying they would pick me up at 10.30am - so game on for a run. Headed South out of the CBD till I found a road (possibly the only one in Adelaide) that had slightly less than a hundred sets of traffic lights and turned West down to West Terrace, North to North Terrace (how could anyone get lost in Adelaide :) )

Turning right along the railyards I smiled as I found a short dirt road to run on for a few hundred meters - even in the heart of the city the old Toops can still sniff out a trail :)

Rather pleasant up along the museum and uni and then another couple of rights to make may way back to the apartments - very nice.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Western Sunsets

Yesterday Total: 7km
Week Total: 7km
Month Total: 48km
Year Total: 251km

Flew into Perth on Sunday night to investigate ways of expanding my salt mine empire. I've spent the last 2 days with an absolute gem - L is the guy who came up with the concept of the Champaign & Cognac Brown Stone Diamond promotion (complete with Faberge egg) that rocketed Argyle onto the worldwide diamond scene. Retired now he works for a disabilty organisation over here and is doing some pretty cool stuff.

But I digress - staying at Scarborough overlooking the Indian Ocean I trotted North along th bicycle track for 3.5kms absolutely mesmerised by the exquisitly pink sunset - all along the shore people were just stopping and staring at Mother Nature's awesome display - real 2P happy place stuff. Turned around as night descended and shuffled back to the apartment.

A few more chores to do here in Perth today and then it is off to Adelaide tonight where I'm hoping to explore the upper reaches of the mighty River Torrens tomorrow morning :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Today Total: 31km
Week Total: 41km
Month Total: 41km
Year Total: 244km

31kms of bushy, hilly, muddy trails in 5.03 - I'll have to go a bit slower if I want to survive TNF :)

Undoubtably toted the biggest load I've ever carried on a run/walk thingee - between my pack, bum bag & handheld I had just over 8kgs worth of kit, tucker & water.

That is heavier than I plan to start TNF if I enter - with only 13k to the first checkpoint I won't have to carry much water at all so with a bit of luck it will be a bit easier.

As slow as this morning was - I'm serious - it is too fast - that pace would put me on a 16 hour finish which I can't do - I'd bonk. If I do start the plan is to get to CP2 (49k) in around 10 - 11 hours and then taper from there.

It was a perfect morning out there today - I can't remember a clearer day - lots of happy place time. Beautiful! :-)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Making Progress

Today Total: 10km
Week Total: 10km
Month Total: 10km
Year Total: 213km

First weekday run for a long time though I did some other training on Monday and Wednesday.

Switched back to carbs late Wednesday night for a net loss of just over 5kgs in 12 days - actually lost over 7kgs but I've taken the balance on in water as my muscles glycogened up. Pretty happy with that - my clothes fit much more comfy and it has kick started me back to a healthier lifestyle. Still got about another 6kgs to lose to get back to an acceptable level of fatness - but no rush - it will happen as consistency of training picks up.

Got out for a very cruisy 10k tonight - conditions were perfect around the forehore and I just concentrated on being economical jogging all the way to finish in just under 72 minutes. At that pace I just felt like I could go forever - noice.

Been doing some mega retail therapy and am over the moon with my new Outdoor Research Zealot Goretex jacket. At 210 grams it is the lightest jacket with hood on the market. I found out purchasing it that wasabe is a colour - go figure! Also picked up 2 pair of brick red Merrell Overdrive trail shoes for $136.00 - life is good :-)

I'm going to do a long bush run/walk thingee up the lake on Sunday and then make my final decision on The North Face 100k for the 17th of May. I'm not really fit enough for it - but hey that has never stopped me doing anything before :-) And you get 30 hours - how hard can that be? Right?