Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thong Pha Phum

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 11k
Month Total: TBA
Year Total: TBA

We arrived at Thong Pha Phum today at 3.00pm by songteow (a ute with 2 parallel benches in the back) and while everybody rushed for the airconditioning (we've been without it for 2 days) I headed out for a run in 41 degree heat.

3k out of town and half my water was gone so time to turn back around and head in - the view of the jagged mountain tops which are the back drop to the town was stunning.

All up 6k in 36.07 - really happy to have got this one in.

Yesterday was a huge day. Based on the lake at Sangkhlaburi we had cruise in a long boat to a pick up point and we drove to a very small Karen village for our hephalump ride. Elephants are way cool animals and I elected to ride back with out guide whilst the others came back by bamboo raft.

The afternoon was a trip to 3 Pagoda Pass right on the border with Burma and saw some of the relics of the Burma Thai railway. Then some temples, a Mon village and an orphanage. We also walked across the longest wooden bridge in Thailand - some 850m.

So it was a pretty weary group that arrived back at the guesthouse.

Today we visited a Karen village and played with the school kids and looked at how the villagers sustain themselves - very educational and humbling.

Looks like a storm heading in which might bring a bit of relief.... Well till it stops anyway :-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunuam Luang

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 5k
Month Total: 176k
Year Total: 571k

I woke up at 5AM this morning so I quietly slipped out a bit after 6 (when it became light) for a bit of a doddle.

Took off a bit fast - as you do after 3 days break and made my way down to Sunuam Luang - The Royal Field. Given the traffic was already quite heavy I just opted to do a few laps.

There was a few Thai joggers out and one real racing snake (complete with Nike racing flats and a Polar HRM & footpod) who gave me a big "suwatdee" as he passed and a big beaming smile.

On my second lap I ran into some lads from a local Thai Boxing stable - they weren't going very fast but amazingly a few of them had tracky tops on! There I was sweating like a murderer on death row waiting for a pardon in Texas and these guys looked as cool as cucumbers.

It was already over 30 degrees and about a million percent humidity so I called it quits when I racked up 5k in 27.34 and bidding farewell to the Grand Palace I just walked slowly back to my hotel.

Mission accomplished :-)

One Night In Bangkok

Well 2 actually - and I can never remember the second line to the chorus - something about humble which being an over-cashed westerner here it is hard to be - I really struggle in Asia - I constantly feel guilty - it also doesn't help that the ATMs only dispense 1,000 Baht notes and the price of a coke (the cola kind Rachel) is about 15 Baht.

Anyhoo today we saw a lot of temples - I'm talking sitting Buddha, reclining Buddha, standing Buddha, lucky Buddha - I think we even saw one Buddha doing a handstands - seriously though even in Bangkok the locals are very helpful - my natural defences borne from China had me on gaurd when folks were in fact entirely ingenuous - as a Taoist at heart I think I love Buddhists :-)

Met with the group we are doing the tour with - one Irish, 2 English, 2 Yanks and a Brazillian (how much is a brazillion anyway?) and so far 1 no show. Our guide is a local Thai - "Soon" - and she is a rookie in terms of guiding trips solo but I'm pleased we have her - I love it that we have a local guiding us.

At our briefing tonight Soon made it quite clear that were we are heading is remote and VERY, VERY conservative - women need to bathe in a t-shirt and knee length shorts and men should wear knee length shorts as a minimum all the time!!!

Jeepers batman - I guess my Nike and Diadora's aren't going to cut it - so instead of the early night we had envisaged it was down to the night markets for a bit of shopping - I now have 2 pair of knee length shorts that make me look like an Oompa Lumpa on steroids!

Well tomorrow we head off into the boonies so not sure when I will blog again - wish me luck ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Made It

Made it and the technology works - woooohoooo.

Well a 9 hour flight in cattle class is a 9 hour flight in cattle class - frankly I'd rather run for 9 hours :-)

Anyhoo we managed to find somewhere to stay - it aint the Ritz but it'll do - went for a wander around the streets but as we are still acclimatising to the heat and humidity we wimped it and had dinner in the hotel.

Amazing - what would have cost $40 or $50 for takeaway for food alone at home was $24 - even at hotel prices - and the meal included a carafe of wine and 2 x 630ml Singha beers.

Hope to get a good sleep tonight - I'm knackered.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well that's it - I'm finally packed.... good thing daylight savings ends tonight because that means it's really only half past midnight now. Gotta be up uber-early to get to the airport to fly out to Thailand and I'm a twee bit weary - the last couple of days have been a bit hectic with a personal matter that almost put the kybosh on the trip - oh well I can always sleep on the plane.

It's an Intrepid tour which is the tour you have when you're not having a tour - their laid back (yet cultrually sensitive) approach, small groups and plenty of free time really appeals to me - none of this 'on the bus, off the bus' stuff with intrepid.

Allegedly part of this tour (of which I know surprisingly little for someone who usually plans everything to the 'nth' detail) has me traveling by hephalump, longtail boats, minibusses and trains. I even get to spend a night as a 'home stay' in a karen village - oh dear my snoring and farting will be a bit of a shock for them I dare say - oh well it's only one night.

The highlight (well my pre-conceived idea of a highlight) for me will be the trip to Kanchanaburi where we will visit the Hellfire Pass Museum and travel by train on the infamous Thai-Burma railway to the Bridge over the River Kwai. A chance to pay my respects is something I feel honoured to be able to do.

Anyhoo - I had hoped to get another run in today but will have to settle for 22k for this week - I've packed a set of running togs (including my CR cap) but I don't know if I will get the chance to use them. I also don't know whether I will be able to blog via cackleberry - in theory yes - but I never trust the technology till I see it work.

In any event even if the cackleberry works I wont be able to comment on your blogs as the new blogger just wont be in it from a pda - but with luck I will still keep up with all your shenanigans via bloglines.

In case I am in a technology void - best wishes to my very good mate Miners for the Port IM - I'll be back in time to wish all you Canberra-ites luck ;-)

Ciao for now ;-)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick Six

Today Total: 6k
Week Total:22k
Month Total:164k
Year Total: 471k

Managed to squeeze in a quick run between mowing the lawns after work and heading off to training tonight.

Right twin grumping big time.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

That's A Bit More Like It

Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 158k
Year Total: 565k

After getting home late from work tonight I managed to pump out 10k in the dark around the foreshore - it was a little windy but the reflection of the lights on the water reminded me of what I am in for (and it aint all bad) when daylight savings comes and as the days shorten heading into winter - I love my lights :-)

All up 10k in 54.54 @ 5.29 av - certainly a lot better result than yesterdays dismal recovery effort.

The right twin is still acting out but another couple of days and he can have all the rest he wants....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slow Recovery

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total:
Year Total: 555k

Just slowly but surely nursed the twins through a flat 6k earlier this evening.

Pulled up pretty sore after Sundays fantasmagorical run - I know a few people have been concerned that it was too much too soon - but it left me with a deep sense of satisfaction and as I'm off to Thailand for a couple of weeks on the weekend I will have plenty of time to rest and also the opportunity to get in a couple of massages too :-)

I hope to get a few more runs in before I fly out - ideally I really want to get the monthly total up to 200k for March - really starting to look forward to Hellgate Gorge and I want as many k's in the leggies as possible.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

Today Total: 31k
Week Total: 46k
Month Total: 142k
Year Total: 549k

The Halfpenny had a full day of Rock Eisteddfod practice today and as I had to cross the Blue Mountains anyway I figured what the heck - why not do a lap from Explorers Tree to the Coxs and return.

Started out a bit after midday in misty rainy conditions with the temperature about 15 degrees - just the way I love Nellies Glen.

The right Twin started whinging right fro the very start the bastard but there was none of the ankle or shin pain I've had since Six Foot Track. In fact all the rest of the muscles in the leggies felt great.

*Rant Warning*

Coming up to Megalong Road I was really miffed to see that "Romeo's" cheer squad from last week had left half a dozen signs nailed to trees - I just don't understand some people - this bit is on private land and I wouldn't blame the farmer one bit if he (or she) kicked up a stink about the marathon. It's not just the littering - the nails are not good for the trees either. Sadly as I don't run with a claw hammer there was nothing I could do.

*Rant ends*

Went through Megalong Road in 51.30 (six mins faster than last week). It was much warmer in the valley and the sun was trying to break through the clouds so I backed off a bit - I've never done such a big/hard run just 8 days after 6ft before and didn't want to bonk.

I really enjoyed (as always) the run down the technical trail and the dip in the river (about the same depth as last week). Went across the "timing mats" in a smidge over 1.39 (5 mins faster than last week).

After the obligatory visit to the tank to top up the camelbak I recrossed the river deliberately going through the deepest bit (chest high) and headed up the hill.

Right Twin notwithstanding I couldn't believe how good my leggies felt - I ran all the way from the river to the base of the stairs at the limestone outcrop without walking - I've never done that before!

I kept making good time and arrived back at Megalong Road in 2.42 which was another first by a pretty handy margin - only 8k to go and I knew a training PB was well and truly on the cards.

Back across the cow paddock and onto Nellies Glen Road and I started to pay the price for my earlier energy outlay but the thought of setting a new benchmark time for me for this run kept me honest.

I surprised myself by running a goodly portion of the technical trail up towards the Nellies Glen sign but from there it was back to a walk.

When I went past the hugging post at the top of the stairs I had absolutely nuffin left - the needle was on empty and it took me longer than usual to traverse the fire trail back to the car.

Finished in 4.01.50 for a more than 18 minute training PB - wooohooo very happy 2P :-)

Friday, March 16, 2007

3, 2, 1, Take Em As Come

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 15k
Month Total:111k
Year Total: 518k

I mowed the lawn in light rain after work and then decided to do a quick run before heading off to training.

Setting off with no pre-conceived idea I took it steady for the first 200m while my ankle got its act together.

On topping the short rise at the end of the street at Cabarita Junction my whole system just felt in 'go mode' so I let my legs stride out - not a peep from the Twins and even their ratty little mate the Artful Ankle had shut up.

Hmmm what to do - what to do? I briefly considered a tempo run but then had another thought - why not do 1 x 3k, 1 x 2k & 1 x 1k? Why not indeed...

The first 3k came in 15.11 @ 5.04 av - not feeling I'd worked hard enough instead of a standing recovery I just backed off a bit and went through the 4th k in 5.36 - rest over I rolled straight into the 2k which I completed in 9.54 @ 4.57 av - so far so good.

I took a 3 minute standing recovery and then set off on the final k which I did in 4.13 - this surprised me a bit because it was over undulating ground and I really didn't feel I was pushing that hard at all - the fastest k I've travelled on foot for a while.

All up 7k in 34.56 @ 5.00 av - then had a nice long walk as a warm down.

Not a bad session considering just 6 days ago I traversed The Track.

Right shin and ankle are still a bit sore - the right twin "catches" every now and then but was completely silent on tonight run - go figure!

Oh yeah - I did exaggerate a bit with the scourer story on the infected bits yesterday - I actually scrubbed it out with the face cloth - still looks a bit yukky today but definitely healing.

Happy days :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Today Total: 8k
Week Total: 8k
Month Total: 104k
Year Total: 511k

After some pretty intense work on the recalcitrant twin, the shin and ankle over the last four days I figured it was time to get out for a plod. The rest of the body pulled up remarkably well - in fact I was much sorer after some of my training runs than I was after Six Foot this year - which is kinda nice and kinda frustrating at the same time.

Anyhoo the first 2k was a bit ugly as my ankle was grouching a bit and whilst there was some pressure from the twin it wasn't restricting me in any way. Somewhere along the third k I became aware that nothing hurt anymore so I stepped the pace up a bit - all good :-)

At 4k I stopped and had a bit of a stretch then turned back for home - felt even better - so I varied the pace a bit on the way back so all my muscles and joints got a bit of a stretch and work out - the splits ranging from 5.41 through to 4.58.

Finished with 8k in 44.08 @ 5.31av.

Now that I've cooled down a bit the right twin, shin and ankle have tightened up a bit but it doesn't feel like I've done any further damage - here's hoping it just continues to get better.

In other injury news - everything is healing well except for my left hand which has become a bit infected - nothing that the occasional scrub out with a scourer and application of antiseptic wont cure. My left shoulder is coming good too - it only hurts a little bit when I raise my hand above my head now - good thing I have short hair as I can wash it single handed :-)

BTW - thanks for all the great comments on my race - they were all very much appreciated.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hamming It

And because my Team J mate Tesso likes pictures....

This shot is immediately after the race (obviously) - good thing I'd washed most of the blood, gravel and dirt off in Allum Ck. Looks a bit wimpy really - nowhere near as good as CJ's ones from a while back.

Here we are 2 days later - Only showing the left hand (pity this shot doesn't show the other side of the pinky as the back of the bottom 2 joints are particularly choice - I must have speared in with my hand in a fist) and my shin below - I also have a matching shoulder, thigh and right palm to complete the set :-)

The black toenail goes back to my Hellgate Gorge recce. You might also notice that my right legs ankle bone is not showing because the whole joint is a bit puffy from running pigeon toed to take the pressure of the Evil Twin for about 40k or so.

Fun game this running innit?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Six Foot Race Report

Yesterday Total: 45k
Week Total: 56k
Month Total: 96k
Year Total: 503k

I will start by saying I had an absolute ball out there yesterday - true it was a bit more interesting in parts than other years - but hey that's what makes for the good stories when we are old and grey - or - well - now for that matter :-)

The last few days of prep went well - there was still a bit of cheek coming from the right of the Evil Twins but apart from that it was all good.

Headed up the mountains after lunch on Friday and caught up with some of the usual suspects at the Edge then had a nice evening in company with Lulu, Wine Trail Runner, Jen_Runs, Owl, Sparkie, GoGirl, Don Juan and a special guest appearance by Cirque down from Briz-Vegas.

Running over my race plan before turning the light out I was quietly confident of PB'ing - true I had a low k Feb due to a virus but it was all at the "right" time - I had plenty of good trail runs in the legs and I'd built back to a 50k week last week. If I finished each split in my maximum allowable time I would go 5.52.

My plan was:

Nellies Glen Rd - 20mins
Megalong Rd - 57mins
Coxs - 1.45
Pluvio - 3.30
Deviation - 4.37
Finish - 5.52

I started in the back 3rd of wave 2 as planned but found myself overtaking lots of people on the first part - to be honest I thought wave 2 people would get away a bit quicker - I guess I'm just really confident on the steep downs.....

The trip down the stairs was exceedingly slow but I'd allowed 20mins in the plan so I just kept relaxed and swapping lame jokes with SuperFlake who was two back. We hit Nellies Glen Road in 20.30 - not too bad. My race plan was to run at better than 6.15 pace to Megalong Road and over the first (steeper) part I was very comfortable sitting on 5.45 so I just went with it knowing I'd easily slow up a bit when it flattened out around 4k.

Most of my wave were either pulling away or hooting past - fine good for them but I have a plan - and I did find a friend - Rob a tri-guy who had similar thoughts to me and we nattered on for the next couple of k's.

At about 5k maybe a bit after (?) we hit the first aid station and I had my first interesting experience - as I reached for a drink my right calf (Evil Twin No1) tore (? - read - popped, twanged, bloody hurt a lot) - I had to stop. Rob - as runners do (and even the odd tri-guy) -offered to stay and help but I shooed him on his way (thanks mate).

After a bit of a rub and stretch I couldn't run but I could hobble and then I did get back into a kind of lop-sided jog - but at this point to be honest, I thought it was hopeless and I came very, very close to stopping, turning around and limping back to the aid station and surrendering my chip. So close in fact that I actually did stop again and turn around... I looked back at the aid station a hundred meters back - deep breath time.

"Come on 2P - you can manage this - just look after yourself and you can run this out - a finish is a finish, is a finish" - I could see possibilities where seconds before there were none - I just wasn't ready to pull the pin quite yet - besides Megalong Road was less than 3k away, I could snatch it there if I needed to.

As I crossed the stiles into the cow paddock Sarge & Dazza K passed me giving me an A grade sledging which I returned in kind. This little interlude serving to get my spirit back on track. I did have a couple of nasty moments between there and Megalong Road but each time I managed to reign it in - "a finish is a finish, is a finish" plan 49c - sub 7 hours was firmly in play.

I went through Megalong Road in the high 57's - not bad - actually pretty close to plan - thank goodness I'd built a bit of a buffer early on - though when I saw all the spectators that little voice was whispering "DNF - it's easy no one will care - you've got nothing to prove" - "ahh bugger-off ya bastard - I care - go on - piss orf and leave me to it" came the louder reply and I kept jogaling. Note to self - I really must see about these voices in my head :-)

I ran with a limp down through the farms and when I hit the first hill I discovered I really couldn't power-walk so I just doddled my way up towards Pinnacle Hill - Garmy was telling me I was falling way behind my scheduled 6.30 av pace for this split but I wasn't panicking - I always thought I would fall behind the average required here.

Walking the climb must have stretched things out a bit because once I started to run again on the technical trail down towards Coxs I found that if I turned my right foot in a bit (pigeon toed) I could run without a limp - and from that point on though I could still feel a "pressure" there, but except for a few stabs and twinges it would remain just a dull ache for the remainder of the day - phew - crisis averted - I knew I could finish. From here on in I would take two cups of water at each aid station - one for me and one to pour over my calf.

I had a dream run down to the Coxs and I thought the running gods were paying me back for mistaking me for someone else they meant to punish - no conga lines at all and there were times I wondered if it was actually race day. It was also extremely pleasing to see the average time steadily falling on Garmy - maybe I can PB after all?

Through the river making sure to showboat for the photographer I was over the timing mats in 1.44.01 a bit ahead of schedule - things were definitely looking up - so time to sort myself out for the next bit.

I went a bit hard at first on the climb to Mini Mini and the twin reminded me in its own sweet way that this was not such a hot idea - so I slowed down a bit and was as upbeat and as encouraging as I could be to the steady stream of wave 3 and smattering of wave 4 runners who started to pass me by.

"That PB is starting to look dodgy again 2P - ne'r mind it is what it is - just keep going and we will see what we will see".

Up past the cattle yards (18.6k) and I was back to running - keen to make up some time on the short descent. I grabbed a water on the run and hit the steep down to the dip, the track was particularly corrugated here - I'm talking little canyons (wash-aways) in the road maybe 6 to 8 inches deep and maybe a foot wide at the top, running parallel lengthways down the road - I dunno what happened (no excuses) but it was slip, recover, slide, recover, slip, "oh faaaark" I speared in face first on one of the steepest parts of the whole track.

I saved my good looks :-) - but only at the expense of shredding both palms. My left shoulder, thigh and shin also copped a good grating as well. A veritable bevvy of runners helped me to my feet but I was keen to be on my way - luckily one of them spotted Garmy on the ground as I hadn't noticed he'd popped his pin. Muttering "thanks" and "I'm ok" to all and sundry I just tucked Garmy into my fuel belt (after checking the timer was still running of course) and kept going.

Criminitely - there was blood and dirt everywhere - I was mildly alarmed till I rationalised that a little blood mixed with sweat goes a long way and it probably looked a lot worse than it actually was. Unfortunately there was only a muddy puddle at the bottom of the dip so I'd have to wait till I got to Allum Ck in another 4k to clean up.

I wasn't too phased by my leg or shoulder (though the shoulder in particular stung a bit) but the steady dripping of blood out of my left palm was a tad disconcerting - that was my blood and I needed every single drop of it today! I was also conscious of the chunks of gravel embedded in me - I wasn't comfortable with them being there - they clearly didn't belong and I wanted them out - "Suck it up 2P - no choice - you will just have to wait".

Trudging up the last bit to Mini Mini someone ahead called out a snake warning and sure enough there was a big fat red-bellied black snake. "Christ on a bike - bad luck comes in threes - if this bastard bites me then I'm definitely re-targeting for 7 hours". This little bit of "humour" (you had to be there) was pivotal - I had a good laugh to myself and cracked out a few lame snake jokes to whoever was close enough to hear and got on with it. I also worked out that the pin was still in the band of Garmy (I hadn't noticed it before) and I fixed it on the walk - things were definitely on the up.

Over Mini Mini and running down to Allum Creek I chatised myself because I was being cautious - after all your skills don't go just because you have one fall and I got cracking again - down went the average time on garmy.... hmmmm PB or sub six?

I went through the first creek and kept the pace up to the aid station - the kind firies tried to divert me to the first aid station - but I got them distracted by telling them that I needed to save the blood and dirt for the photographs later. As I looked up I saw a girl sitting there who looked JUST LIKE GoGirl (uncanny) and I thought what a pity her race was done - turns out it WAS GoGirl but i didn't know till after I finished (must get my contacts prescription checked).

When I got to the next creek crossing I went upstream a few meters and had a bit of a bath - the cold water was heaven on my calf and I figured I was killing two birds with the one stone as I stood mid-stream patiently picking out all the bits of gravel.

Feeling much brighter and a lot more centred I headed up Pluvio knowing I was giving time away (due to the calf not letting me stride out) but reconciled myself to the fact that there was nothing I could do about it till I got onto Black range "just look after yourself mate - a finish is a finish, is a finish". I went through Pluvio in a PW 3.35.02 - it had taken me 1.51 from the river - my previous worst split being 1.47 in 2005. Still that was only 5 mins off my planned time and I still had 19kms to make it up.

I popped 2 Beroccas into my bottle (my sekrit anti-cramping strategy - they have magnesium amongst a whole lot of other good things and as it would be liquid form it should "get in"), I also took a Voltaren Rapid and a No Doz and headed off - trouble was I couldn't be arsed to run - my calf just wasn't up to it yet - "ok change of plan - just walk the first km (the steepest section) and let the precious bugger recover a bit".

It was a good plan because when I did start running it was all good and I got into a routine of running the flats and down at a reasonable pace and only walking the steeper ups - looking good - but then whether it was the lack of Feb k's or that I was running pigeon toed (probably a bit of both) my right adductor threatened to cramp (it never did actually cramp but a couple of times I had to stop and give it a rub when it did the "grabby bitey" thing and from then on I walked most of the ups slower than my fitness wanted me to). The plan had been to average 7.30 pace all the way to the end but I didn't get anywhere near this heading for the Deviation and ended up going through the campground in 4.48 - "well a PB aint going to happen but I have an hour and twelve minutes to do the last 10k to go sub six hours - hmmm entirely possible".

I fanged it down all of the hills in the Deviation and dawdled the ups (particularly the cliff) - by this stage I had also learned to slow down gradually to a walk as the sudden change of pace was the most likely cause of an adductor cramp and I needed to avoid those at all costs. Approaching Caves Road I was starting to feel a bit ordinary - but the cheer squad there (including Don Juan) chirped me up no end and when I hit the trail on the other side I fanged it. I did get passed occasionally through here but the net gain was positive and for once this section didn't seem to just go on and on and on.

By the last proper aid station I had 4.4k inclusive of 2 reasonably sized hills to go in 24 and a bit minutes - this was going to get interesting. I hared off but soon was back to grafting uphill - tear down the other side - graft back up - "you beauty this is the last up" :-)

I flew the last couple of downhill k's passing quite a few people who to their credit, though they were suffering, all without exception gave me way. You can hear the finish looooong before you see it (maybe 2k out) the buzz and the announcer over the PA just gets you right in the vibe. When I hit the formed track I risked a glance at Garmy - "bugger - there is no way I can go sub 6 but what the heck keep it going anyway and at least beat last years time of 6.03.00".

I came hurtling down the stairs and turned at the bottom - my memory is a blur of faces, pom poms and high fives - I've never been so ecstatic to finish any race - I do believe I let out a loud "wooohoooo" as I charged towards the finish. This one wasn't a PB, it wasn't even sub 6 - but am I happy? - Tchu betcha - I finished :-)

Ellie gave me my medal and some other poor chappy had the unfortunate privilege of removing my blood soaked timing chip - I had a couple of drinks of sports drink and went of to search for Mrs 2P in the crowd (who I couldn't see as I ran down the finishing chute) - a quick trip to the river to chill the leggies and back to get changed.

As always it was nice swapping stories with everyone at the end and also to finally get a chance to buy Ewen his beer (debt paid).

Whilst I haven't mentioned others (for fear of missing someone out) I will mention two of my good mates. Hats off to Jen_Runs - her 6.50 finish when lots of people didn't think she had a chance was simply brilliant. And to GoGirl you have such grace - you took your DNF with such a philosophical outlook - you are both an inspiration - thankyou.

Today I'm sore as you would expect - though the leggies aren't too bad - the naughty twin is still "pulling" a bit but I can walk on the flat without a limp so there can't be too much damage. My right shin and ankle feel like someone has given them a good thwack with an iron bar (due to running pigeon toed). I'm also having the odd spot of bother holding a knife and fork due to shredded hands (but as I need to lose weight that is not a huge problem). I'm also a tad wary about lifiting my left hand above shoulder height as my whole upper arm is a bit stiff - fortunately that has a very simple fix :-) The only thing I could really live without is the open wounds on my shoulder sticking to my shirt but I guess we all have to pay a price for our fun :-)))

Will I have another go? - Yep! That PB is still well and truly in me (and then some).

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That's It, Shop's Shut

Today Total: 3k
Week Total: 11k
Month Total: 51k
Year Total: 458k

Last 3k @ 6.27 pace today just to shake the legs out from last nights quicker k's.

Race plan is done - so nothing else to think about - expect to PB (sub 5.53).

C ya's on the other side :-)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One Down

Today Total: 8k
Week Total: 8k
Month Total: 48k
Year Total: 455k

Had a massage today which was great - had a run today that was bloody awful - legs felt very heavy after the massage so I should have just done a light recovery style run.

What I did was some cruise intervals - I had planned to do 4 but pulled the pin after 3 - the right Twin is nagging a bit (nothing really - he's just a whingy bastard) but he will come good by race day - I've promised him icecream if he behaves.

Splits were 4.46, 4.45 & 4.42 with the float at around 5.45 pace - my final k was much slower than that though as I tried to just ease the heaviness out.

Anyhoo will do a very easy 3k (6.30 pace) tomorrow and the shut up shop - normal service will then resume at 8.05AM Saturday - it's all good :-)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Recovery Jog

Today Total: 7k
Week Total: 50k
Month Total: 40k
Year Total: 447k

Just a nice gentle 7k @ 6.28 pace - pretty sticky out there this morning though.

Very pleased to have put in a 50k week after the 25k and 16k of the previous 2 virus disrupted weeks.

Shaping up nicely and even the scales are being relatively friendly - with a bit of good management I'll hit the start line spot on 90kgs.

Rest tomorrow - something short and quickish on Tuesday - something short and slowish Wednesday and/or Thursday depending on feel.

The thing I love/hate about 6ft is that no matter if you are underdone, overdone or baby bear - it is still going to hurt - probably better not to think about it I suppose...

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Bit Of Twin Taming

Today Total: 23k
Week Total: 43k
Month Total: 33k
Year Total: 440k

Celeste - the Evil Twins are my calf muscles - I have bored regular readers witless with endless tales (some of them even true) of the Twins naughtiness over the last couple of years on this blog and the one that preceeded it.

Shane I reckon I'm going to nominate your comment for a CR Award next December - you cracked me up mate - thanks :-)

The sub-heading of my blog used to be "I won't be cowed by my calves" and by yimminy I won't! So last night they really got the treatment - ice, Brauer gel, Voltaren Rapid and Skins. Because they have been good for a while I was lazy with them this week - I should have jumped on them days ago!

When I woke up at 6:00AM they were still a bit grumpy but much improved so I decided to get my last medium long run out of the way today to give me maximum recovery time for next Saturday.

LOL - I can't remember the last time I ran more than 12k on the flat - probably have to go back to November last year! Oh well time to correct that little oversight.

It was a gorgeous morning as I took off around the foreshore to Canada Bay then up through Five Dock to The Bay for a lap and return.

It was also good and hot - just the way I like it :-) I just kept pouring the juice down my neck and kept the pace between 6.00 and 6.15 mins per k - all conditions are manageable - good practice for next week.

Ended up with 23k in 2.19.25 @ 6.04av and feeling good (though I had very squelchy feet) - a little twiggle from the twins but nothing to write home about.

Damn - looks like I'm out of excuses for next week - bugger! :-)

3k Tempo(ish) & A Quicky

Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 20k
Month Total: 10k
Year Total: 427k

The Evil Twins are still giving me a bit of gyp the cheeky buggers. The only thing I can think of is that the combination of a week off, the extra weight in the pack and the jolting down the stairs all combined to really piss them off.

Oh well - they will be right by race day - their behaviour is nowhere near as bad as times gone by.

Anyhoo I decided not to run yesterday and then today I went through the same ritual as Wednesday - warm bath, rub in the Brauer Gel and a very easy first km.

The energy levels are right up so on the second k I rolled up the pace to a gnats nut under tempo and ran the next 3k @ 5.15. Everything felt ok so I kicked down to around 5k race pace to split the 5th k in 4.39 which gave me just over twenty minutes of upper aerobic stuff which is enough given I didn't want to push my luck too far.

That marked the turn around point and I just turned for home and came back at a gentle 6 min pace - in fact I went 29.29 for the 5k home.

I can feel the twins conspiring but *touches wood (ie head)* it is just tightness and not injury and I know how to handle them.

Cold water bath with ice time MMMMmmmm my favourite :-)