Monday, June 22, 2009


Well the souvenir I picked up for myself in NZ (or maybe it was in Canberra) was a dose of the lurgie.

Had planned to run on Friday morning in Canberra but when the alarm went off I just hit snooze, rolled over and went back to sleep - by the time I landed back in Sydney that night I suspected I was in for a dose - waking up Saturday morning confirmed it.

Hopefully will run again as the week progresses.

All good :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mt Vic Again

Today Total: 9kms
Week Total: 17kms
Month Total: 17kms
Year Total: 99kms

I wasn't going to run.... I was going to walk - so I donned beanie, gloves, Gortex and took the backpack with a thermal in it. Got to the first road crossing and ran.... Kept on running :)

The left of the Evil Twins (calves) has been giving me gyp since Monday and I also pulled up a bit shin sore and a grumpy right groin muscle - hence my decision not to run - but what a hoot - I really enjoyed my run tonight.

Similar route to Monday but as it was a fair bit later than when I ran on Monday I donned my PT 1W headlamp when I hit the top of Mt Victoria - then instead of taking the muddy forest route I stayed on the Southern Trail and descended to the Wellington College.

Had no real idea how to get back to the hotel from there but just ran to the vibe of the thing and managed to get straight back there :)

Whilst I still have a couple of niggles - the really encouraging thing was I had that "I can go forever" feeling tonight - I can sense an ultra coming up.....

All up 9k with a great big hill in 1.14.16 @ 8.15av - happy with that.

All good :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Windy City

Today Total: 8kms
Week Total: 8kms
Month Total: 8kms
Year Total: 90kms

Legs were pretty much written off for last week and I felt pretty washed out after the previous weekends exertions but feeling pretty good now.

Arrived in Wellington (NZ) mid afternoon and immediately headed out to explore.

Ran out along the harbour but my left calf started to pull a bit - I foolishly stated on CR yesterday that I was a "former" calf pain sufferer - how freakin stoopid was that???

Anyhoo the wind was giving me gyp so when I saw a path that headed up hill I took it - well it went up alright - straight up all the way to the top of Mt Victoria for stunning 360 degree views. Garmy put it at 200m ASL so a resonable climb.

Headed back down by a less steep forest path which was a bit muddy in spots but an absolute delight till I found suburbia again and then trotted back to the hotel and into an icy cold Wellington bath.

All up 8k in 1.06.26 @ 8.18av - pretty happy with that vonsidering the steep climb.

Now to see how the calf pulls up.

All good :)

Monday, June 08, 2009


No not as a run - as a two day pack walk.

Little Robbie turned up at my place on Friday night and then we picked up my long-time bushwalking buddy from wayback (Simon & I did some fantastic walks through the 90's) at the airport and drove to the Deviation arriving about 10.30pm.

Up early on Saturday with the plan of driving to the Jenolan Campground to start - low and behold the gate was locked and the campground closed so we headed into Jenolan proper and left the car there.

The pretty doddle back to the campground went by quickly enough. The highlight being seeing a platypus! The amount of water in the Jenolan River meant no dry crossings and so it was with sodden feet we ascended the ridge to Oaky Camp.

Gotta say that ridge is fairly sporting with a 17kg pack on your back, not to mention being unfit.

Anyhoo we hit the top in ok time and as always the section along Blood Filly FT & the first part of the Big M Boss were delightful. The descent as always, tedius and unrelenting - though recent bulldozing has left the surface much more compact than I've ever seen it.

Set up camp on the river and discovered Sassafras Ck is dry, so it was out with the Steri-pen to refill the Camelbaks. Fitful night sleep as it rained nearly the whole night. Long story short the tape seal on my bivy bag is cactus and I got wet.

Up and on our way the long climb back to Blacks Range never disappoints :) By the time we hit the top it was squally showers and windy - even I felt cold which is a real rarity.

Made the Deviation for lunch and the re-shouldered the packs for the final leg. The rain stopped just when we got back to the car - we briefly thought about walking down to the Jenolan Campground but decided to drive back to the deviation.

The Deviation was like Central Station during peak hour so we went to the alternative ground on the other side of the Jenolan Road which we had all to ourselves.

As my sleeping bag & theramrest were wet I elected to sleep in the car and even then I had a pretty uncomfortable first hour or so till things started to warm up. In the end I got a pretty good sleep.

Woke up, breakfasted in the rain and drove back to brilliant sunshine in Sydney - go figure!

It has been a good few years since I last did a pack walk and this was a nice easy one to re-aquaint myself with all the old skills - it was nice, though I'm a twee bit sore now.

All good :)