Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 9k
Month Total: 32k
Year Total: 959k

Still chesty but when the family said they were heading over to Summerland Point I detected a running opportunity and said I'd meet them there.

It was a slow, hot run (with a few walks) but it was nice to be out running on a combination of trails and grassy lakefront.

I certainly enjoyed cooling off in the lake afterwards - kids, grandkids and Mrs 2P all seemed to be enjoying themselves too so everyone was a winner :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life's A Beach

Today Total: 3k
Week Total: 3k
Month Total: 26k
Year Total: 953k

Well I might have really enjoyed my Quarry Rd pre-Chrissy experience but it may have been a boo boo - having gone in unfit I pulled up really sore and having a mild chest cold on the day things were set to get worse.

Chrissy Eve me and Mrs 2P worked till 3.00am getting everything ready for the big day and then a few short hours later it was up and about to celebrate. The celebration lasted till 2:00am the next morning - ugh - Boxing Day I was crook as a dog with sore throat and chest infection.

And up till today it only got worse from there - this morning however I felt much more chipper. Though still a bit chesty I was in the mood for a run when we got to Catherine Hill Bay and so I did!

A bare foot lap of the beach at an easy pace followed by a swim - noice - hopefully it will only continue to get better.....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rolls Royce Morning

Today Total: 13k
Week Total: 23k
Month Total: 23k
Year Total: 950k

More like a Rolls Canardly! I rolled down the hills ok but could hardly get up em :)

Despite being fat, unfit and suffering from a chest cold/sore throat thingee I just couldn't resist the 3rd annual Quarry Rd Chrissy training run.

Recorded my slowest ever lap of 1.50 but I loved it! So good to be out on a steep hilly trail again - and my Merrels finally got used for their designed purpose - about bloody time too :)

Lots of familiar faces and some new ones as well. The food at the end thanks to Horrie was great, but the piece de resistance was when Colin pulled a keg of home brew out of his boot - chilled to perfection it really hit the spot.

Nice way to spend a morning. La, la, la.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Again, Again

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 10k
Year Total: TBA

Telly Tubby Trudges Around Town.

Well another 5k and a bit of a pleasant surprise as I pretty much joggled all the way except for 2 short walks up the 400m hill behind Concord Golf Course.

Finished in 34.05 @ 6.50 av - lol that is 5.34 quicker than Tuesday - if only all our gains could be that big.

I'll need to be careful though as I'm a little shin sore - not surprising given the tonnage I'm hauling at the moment.

Oh yeah - in my last post I forgot to say thanks to all those folks (including a surprising number of blog lurkers) who either emailed, PM'd or posted enquiries after my whereabouts. Every one of those contacts contributed to me finally getting my fat arse out on the pavement - so thank you very much team it is deeply appreciated.

Onwards & Upwards :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Force

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 5k
Month Total: 5k
Year Total: 932k

F = MxA

Well there might have been a helluva lot of force waddling around Concord this morning but their was bugger all acceleration.

5k walk/jog thingee in 39.38.

Oh well - it's a start (another one).