Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Go

YTD Foot Powered Total: 50k

Finally gave the Merrells a run - just 5k around the burbs - the Mix Masters have plenty of toe room but a bit tight across the forefoot - the exact opposite to my old (and much loved) Merrell Overdrives. The heels also pinched a bit - hopefully they will stretch a bit with use. The soles were also a but slippy on wet concrete, but again this could be a wearing in issue - jury is out, need another couple of runs.

Chest still a bit crappy - but definitely on the mend.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tits up

That's the way the plan went!

Not only did the man-flu come back but the results of my chest x-ray last Monday showed that the middle lobe of my right lung had collapsed!

More antibiotics and physio - yada, yada....

It is time for the tide to turn!

I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired.

On the upside, my new Merrell Mix Masters feel great and I got a real boost reading Whippets GNW report

It is nearing 12 months since I got sick and frankly, that is enough!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tuesday 10/01 - 11k walk from Catherine Hill Bay back to Gwandalan through the bush.

Thursday 12/01 - 13k walk (with a few trots) through the bush out and back to the old YMCA camp.

Saturday 14/01 - 6k very ugly run/walk thingy around the lake - still a lot of crap on my lungs from man-flu but at least I've made a start!

All good :)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Oh What A Day

40 minute paddle
5k walk

Another 40 minute paddle with Carol on the lake today in the kayak - Bec tagged along on the surf ski.

Did a mile of handyman chores which really took it out of me - I'm so soft, my arms and hands are wasted from rehanging doors, sawing, screwing screws into hardwood and working above head height.

Finished it off with a hard 5k walk with Bec including an 800m uphill stretch.

Whole body is sore.

All good :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

And So It Begins

40 minute paddle
10k bushwalk

With a mini relapse of the arthritis between Christmas and New Year and then a humungus dose of man-flu, it wasn't quite the start to 2012 I had been planning or hoping for. On the bright side at least my decision to have a 3.5 week break from work was a good one.

Over the last couple of days I've started to feel human again, so when it was bright and clear this morning Carol and I went out for a 40 minute paddle on the lake - beautiful.

After some chores Bec and I took off for a 10k jaunt around the bush trails of Crangan Bay (Gwandalan). Feeling a bit tuckered out now, but satisfied.

Hopefully start running again over the next couple of weeks.

All good :)