Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Today Total: 3k
Week Total: 18k
Month Total: 34k
Year Total: 626k

After feeling pretty chirpy on Thursday night I woke up Friday morning feeling all chesty and yuck again - bugger! Worked Friday then rested up all day Saturday - which meant I missed the CR5k Challenge that I had been looking forward to - double bugger!!

Headed out mid-morning today for a trot and I even wore my CR cap for extra motivation - I mean you have to put in a good effort when you are wearing colours don't you? When I hit 2.5k my legs felt like they were about to fall off and my breathing and heartrate were all out of shape - triple bugger!!! At 3k I quit, slipped my CR cap in my pocket, tucked my tail between my legs and walked the shortcut route back home through Massey Park Golf Course.

It's a bit frustrating but it can't last forever.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 15k
Month Total: 31k
Year Total: 623k

Well consistency is the key. Sadly I'm notorious for losing my keys ;-)

In an effort to re-create a good habit I forced myself out the door after a miserably hard and long day at work. I'm glad I did. Just a quick lap of the Concord Golf Course - 5k in 27.29 @ 5.29 average. Fairly consistent for the first 4kms then I blasted out a 4.48 for the last k which felt good. Given the lack of training, the illness, and that I am now 4kgs heavier than when I toed the line for Six Foot I'm pleasantly surprised at how much fitness I've retained - guess all those long 3, 4 and 5 hour trail runs over Christmas and earlier this year must have really given me a good base.

As the old saying goes the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 26k
Year Total: 618k

Well the result of my big day out with the Hellgate crowd was that it freshened up my chest infection - so the last few days have been pretty miserable. But enough of that - time to get out there and do some k's if I'm seriously going to have a crack at PMC in 51 days time.

It was so still this evening that the water was like glass around the Foreshore Trail and as the sun set the reflections on the water were as stunning as they ever get.

All up 10k in 58.16 @ a very consistent 5.50 pace throughout - I'm pretty happy with it considering how few k's I've done lately.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 16k
Year Total: 608k

Well commonsense won out - I didn't do Hellgate but I did get a run in on part of the trail.

There were 10 starters (and finishers) and after they got going I drove down to the Jenolan Campground to set up an aid station and make sure everyone chose the right ridge to go up.

From there I drove through to Mt Lakeman and set up my mobile muncherama again. As the tail-enders came through I joined them for a trot along the Blood Filly Fire Trail and then the first k of the Moorara Boss Fire Trail - absolutely delightful :-)

When I arrived back at the S/F I found Spud had already finished and we just shot the breeze until in their ones and twos the rest started to arrive.

Everyone was highly complimentary of the route - well except for those that accused me of being a sadist :-)

All in all a very successful day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It Lives

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total: 6k
Year Total: 598k

I've been crook - not ya muckin around kind - ya fair dinkum full ubangi flu thingee, sore throat, chest infection, achey bits and lots of gunk! To top it off just as I was starting to get better I got a "lets glue your bum to the dunny" tummy bug which lasted a couple of days - sheesh I'm not taking a holiday again any time soon.

Ok - I'll stop whinging......

The upside is the calf injury I did during Six Foot that was still giving me gyp in Thailand and some emerging achilles tendonitis have all cleared up - so that's a positive :-)

Anyhoo even though things are still a little gunky I thought I'd try a trot this evening. It actually went surprisingly well considering my last run was on March 29 and I have done very little since Six Foot Track - my cardio fitness seemed unaffected though my legs felt a bit wobbly and crampy when I finished - all up 6k in 32.52 @ 5.29 av - pretty happy with that considering. It was a really lovely still evening around the bay and the sunset full of oranges and pink hues was stunning which added to my overall enjoyment of being back out and running again.

It is highly unlikely that I will run Hellgate on Saturday as I think it would be a bit silly (apart from anything else I'd have to camp out to have enough time to put out the water drop and in this weather with this chest.....) but I'll still go along on the day for organising and supporting duties (as I can put out the water after everyone starts) and probably do a shorter out and back along Black Range after I dismantle the water point. I haven't completely discounted running yet as I really wanted to do this one. It'll be interesting to see how I pull up tomorrow....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well I survived Thailand ok but the trip home nearly killed me :) Ok slight exaggeration but I am suffering an industrial strength dose of plane induced crook back syndrome. To add insult to injury I awoke at 2:00am on Friday morning (arrived home Thursday) to discover I had apparently swallowed an echidna bum first during the night - or so I thought judging by how sore my throat was. I may end up resorting to antibiotics - it has been nearly 5 days now and no signs of the bugger improving.

So no running for a while.

Anyhoo the last couple of days in Bangkok went by in a blur of shopping and site-seeing. The weekend markets, the Grand Palace, Chinatown, the Sky Train, temples, and just wandering the streets all now just form a kaleidoscope of images in my my mind.

Thought I'd google earth the 2 runs I did manage to get in while I was away. This first one shows the run from my hotel (just one street over from Kaoshan Road for those who know Bangkok) down to Sanam Luang (Royal Field) for 3 laps and home again. Wat (temple) Phra Kaew and The Grand Palace are the complex immediately to the south of Sanam Luang.
This next one of Thong Pha Phum is low res but in profile it gives you an idea of the terrain - the second set of mountains into the distance form the Thai/Myanmar (Burma) border.
In the picture above you will notice if you look close enough I crossed the river on my run - the photo below shows the bridge I ran over and a part of the mountain backdrop for Thong Pha Phum.
I'll also post another couple of shots tomorrow that well represent my time in Thailand.

Thanks for the comments while I was away folks - much appreciated. I will endeavour to do some blog reading catcherupping over the next couple of days.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just An Update

We had an early start yesterday morning as we visited Hellfire Pass - the site of one of the toughest areas on the infamous Thai-Burma railway. In a joint venture between the Thai and Australian Governments there is a fantastic museum there. Then you can walk down to the cutting - not easy on a full tummy with plenty of water, good footwear and concrete steps - you can't begin to fathom how difficult it must have been for the prisoners. There are no rails (the Thai's let the track go from a few kilometres South of this point) but many of the original sleepers and the ballast are still there.

To see the conditions under which they worked leaves you over-awed.

After that - we the travelled for 2 hours on a train on the actual railway constructed by the prisoners back to Kanchanaburi the highlights being traversing a massive trestle bridge alongside the river Kwae (Kwai) and then ultimately crossing the river into Kanchanaburi itself - there were actually 2 bridges built over the river during the war - a wooden one and a steel one about 200m apart. The wooden on is long gone but the steel one still stands today.

We the did a bicycle rickshaw tour - I felt guilty having this fellow taking us around but the reality is if you don't use them they can't earn any money - the tour took us to another simple museum built like the original sleeping huts the prisoners slept in.

Our rickshaw then took us to the war cemetery - I can't begin to describe this experience - row after row after row after row of Aussie boys, English lads and Dutch. Some of the inscriptions by the families were heart tearers. To be honest I'm glad we were short on time as I don't think I could have taken much more - though I was extremely gratified and felt privileged to have been able to pay my respects.

From there it was to the bridge again where we could walk across the bridge - I'm not talking about a walkway alongside the bridge - I mean actually over the tracks! They have little platforms every so often where you can jump off to the side if a train comes. And as for safety rails - the Thai's obviously don't understand the concept - I loved it!

Today was another 41 degree scorcher and w chose to just have a free day in Kanchanaburi befor heading back to the outskirts of Bangkok - I could have had a run but I elected to spend all my time with Mrs 2P just mooching about.

Tonight we are in a magnificent Teak House - everything is teak - the floors the walls, the 12' ceilings and the furniture

Absolutely gorgeous - happy 2P :-)