Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return of the Roller Coaster

I'm currently between jobs - so I'm spending a few days up the lake.

I've had the manflu from hell and it just doesn't seem to be getting any better, so I went for the kill or cure method today and took on one of my all time favourite runs - the Roller Coaster.

I have done a number of variations through the Crangan Bay Fire Trails to get me up to the Pacific Highway, but today I took the most direct route. I was mixing up walking and running with the plan to stay sub 9 minute kms for the whole trip - no land speed records here but it keeps me ticking over the k's at a sustainable rate given I'm not yet back to fully fit.

I was wearing my Merrell Mix Masters - they feel good on, but for trail shoes they are woefully slippery on wet rock. Having said that, they are great on sand and are particularly good going through water - the mesh tops drain straight out and you don't get that heavy feeling normally associated with wet shoes. Their other strong point is they are great downhill shoes, with no discernable pressure on the toenails.

Anyhoo I made ok time and felt great all the way. The trails were sodden and often it was more like running through a stream as the trails became active watercourses. Had to take on a couple of big puddles too which made me thankful I'd chosen to wear the Merrells.

I always love the trail section from Wybung Head to the Catherine Hill Bay Road - the views of the coastline and the ships lined up waiting to get into Newcastle Harbour always gives me a bit of a high and today was no different.

23kms in 3.22 - pretty happy with that considering I haven't done anything longer than 12kms for quite some time.

Oh and by the way - I'm still alive, time will tell if I'm cured!

All good :)