Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Grand Run

Today Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total: 35k
Year Total:

I was still a bit sore today after last Saturday's silliness - until yesterday I've been treating stairs like they were a ladder ie use the handrail on the way up and head out bum first on the way down.

So today a bit pressed for time after visiting the Halfpenny in Bathurst I decided to visit my favourite 6k on the planet on the way home - the Grand Canyon out from Blackheath. It is simply gorgeous.

Lots of water about but that's just the way I like it - my only grumble is that the commercial operators have put stainless steel bolts and chains into the abseil point for the canyon proper for their own version of environmental terrorism for profit - I guess it is no worse than the NPWS putting up handrails all over the shop but it just galls me - I mean if you can't rig a pitch without aid then you shouldn't be there. OK I'll stop whinging now.

Anyhoo the leggies were a bit stiff to start off with but soon loosened up - I finished the distance in 1:14:40 - when I'm fit I normally run mid 50's so a bit of work to do yet but at least I'm on the right track :)

Plus you gotta love that view of the Gross Valley when you reach Evans Lookout - poifikt!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tree to Coxs

Today Total: 29k
Week Total: 29k
Month Total: 29k
Year Total: 29k

Too stuffed to think up anything new - below is a cut & paste from Cool Running.

I suppose conventional wisdom from a zero base of training is to build up to a 29k jaunt through the mountains.... Well someone has to test out alternative methods don't they?

Took me over an hour from the trail head back up the stairs to finish in 6.43.

I hared off at the start like a primary school kid doing his first 5k fun run - it was great fun till at one of the creek crossings the water was deeper than expected and I crushed my big toe under a rock (cutting through the protective strip on my Merrels) - from then on it was still fun, it just hurt a lot on the downs - probably a blessing in disguise.

I let the world go by at the trail head and just pretty much walked with some shuffles to Megalong Rd. I had planned to turn back there but the siren call of the Coxs Rv with some water in it beckoned me on. By now my toe was numb enough for me to shuffle more regularly and I enjoyed the wet and how green it was.

Got to the swing bridge and headed home. The rain increased in intensity on the way back and the big creek past Nellies was close to being uncrossable - the track itself was a stream in many places and I wanted to trade the Merrels for flippers.

Anyhoo I'm glad I didn't run much on the way down as my legs were shot on the stairs. I felt alright on the inside but there was some kind of short circuit between the inside bits and the outside bits and it was a very sloooow ascent.

Really enjoyed it though and it was great to catch up with some old friends and also meet some new ones.

And yes Ewen - that only leaves me 16 minutes and 59 seconds for the last 16k!