Monday, May 25, 2009

I Lied

Today Total: 8kms
Week Total: 8kms
Month Total: 53kms
Year Total: 82kms

Ok so when I got to Canberra my back felt pretty good, the weather was fine and I had time for a sunset run out and back along the lake before my dinner appointment.

I always enjoy running towards the setting sun around the lake, particularly pretty at this time of year with the Autumn colours. Was pretty dark by the time I got back though.

And nothing like a nice icey cold Canberra bath to finish it off - lurvely.

All up 8k in 52.32 @ 6.34 av.

All good :)

CBS News

The plan had been to do a long slow bush run/walk on Sunday but another bout of Crook Back Syndrome intervened!

I'm a bit busy for the next couple of days so I'm aiming for Wednesday. The CBS is abating, so as long as tonight in a hotel bed doesn't worsen things I should be jake for a run by then.

All good :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Resistance Training

Today Total: 8kms
Week Total: 18kms
Month Total: 45kms
Year Total: 74kms

Well that's what it felt like when running into the wind around the bay this evening!

Pretty chuffed to be able to get out there again today - the conditions might have been crap but I'm just happy to be stringing some regular training together.

Call it spin because I'm not presenting this as an excuse - but last year I just had to have other professional and family priorities to training - but it sure feels good to be back in the saddle now :)

All up 8k in 52.51 @ 6.29 av

All good!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Windy City

Today Total: 6kms
Week Total: 10kms
Month Total: 37kms
Year Total: 66kms

Quads were still a bit sore but I decided to see if I could run it out. Headed off around the bay into the teeth of the wind. It wasn't cold but it sure was strong.

I pushed myself a bit
today and ran the first 4k without walking for a 4k split of 24.58 @ 6.14 av.

Bonked a bit and had to put in a few walks on the hills over the last 2k to finish with a total of 6k in 38.41 @ 6.27 av.

Pretty happy with that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splish Splash

Quads were a bit sore today so just a very brisk walk in the dark and pouring rain. My Outdoor Research Zealot Gortex did the business and only the very bottom of my shorts legs (and shoes of course) got wet.

4k in 35.55 which is a pretty honking walking pace for my short legs :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back In The Hunt

Today Total: 4kms
Week Total: 4kms
Month Total: 31kms
Year Total: 60kms

I seemed to flick the man flu pretty quickly so was back at work today. When I got home I thought I'd go for a walk.

But the leggies were fresh and they wanted a run so I took off tentatively at a trot - between some weight loss and the small base I must have built up in Tassie I surprised myself with how I was traveling and the pace was quicker than anticipated.

The grey matter kicked in though and having been sick and lost just under 3kgs in 6 days I decided to keep it short - good decision me thinks because I pulled up a bit wheezy.

Also I think the Running Gods have forgiven me *touches wood* because the same second I closed the door on my way in it absolutely bucketed down.

All up 4k in 26.52 @ 6.43av - not a lot but at least I'm back in the hunt.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Drowning Ducks

I reckon if I had a duck the fluffy li'l fella would capsize.

After 3 days off work last week with a gastro bug, I've now got a dose of Man Flu - so I'm pulling the pin on work again today. You would have to go back quite a few years to find a time I had four consecutive work days off sick.

Mentally I associate blogging with running (curiously it was starting my guitar blog that got me back to exercise) so since I had planned to run today I'm posting this morning to keep me interested in exercising when I'm well again. VERY SOON!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Trial By Running Gods

I suspect that with my flurry of activity lately the Running Gods decided to test my fairdinkumness - bastards.

On my last night in Hobart I pushed out a pretty brisk walk in the hills - I don't know what I did but as I cooled down I began to notice some EOCBS (Early Onset Crook Back Syndrome) - which after a night in a hotel bed turned into AMCBS (Agonisingly Miserable Crook Back Syndrome). So I wussed out of running and walking for a bit.

Long story short - I was about to start again this Tuesday just gone but when I woke up I felt decidedly "off" so I hit snooze and went back to sleep for a bit. Went to work but left early and by 4pm I was glued to the dunny - I'll spare the details but I've been home sick for 3 days - pretty unusual for me.

I'm off to Bathurst on the weekend to visit the HP so I might give myself another couple of days to fully recover and start fresh next week.

In other news - I made a corker of an attempt at self-immolation on Mothers Day (long time readers might remember I've a bad habit of this). Another long story short - the hose on a new 8.5kg gas cylinder came loose and started to spew gas into a BBQ - I killed the flame on the burners and then attempted to turn off the bottle but the glow of the plate must have been enough and whooshka up she went.

I was extremely lucky as witnesses say I appeared engulfed in flame - I had my head averted so I avoided any real damage - lost all the hair on my left arm and a significant portion of both eyebrows and some singed head hair. I just had some very minor scorching on my left hand and my left cheek - so minor there was no real visible evidence - just a bit red.

The real conundrum then started because the flame was bouncing off the BBQ back onto the gas bottle making it impossible to turn off - just as I was about to run for the hills and dial 000 Mrs 2P (bless her) appeared with a fire extinguisher which my brother-in-law quickly unwrapped from its plastic covering and passed to me - I pulled the pin, pressed the go button and held it on the gas bottle while I turned the tap shut with my other hand - disaster averted.

So I suppose you could say we had a flaming good Mothers Day :)

PS if ya don't have a fire extinguisher near your barbie - get one!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Headin' For The Hills

Managed to squeeze in another walk this arvo - given my run this morning sucked I figured I needed to put some pain into the leggies.

The great thing about Hobart is you don't have to go far to find a hill! I just cut through the CBD and took every turn that took me up. Finally a left turn (onto the rather aptly named Hill Road) brought me back towards town.

Covered 6kms in just a smidge over the hour mark.

Glass Half Full

Today Total: 7kms
Week Total: 17kms
Month Total: 27kms
Year Total: 56km

Had my first frumpy day today - woke up feeling a bit off but decided to head out anyway - never felt physically good and by around the 2k mark started to feel a bit sick on the tum.

The original intention was to go 10k following the same course as Monday - but at 3.5k I cut my losses and turned for home. I had to walk a bit more than I have been but still joggled a fair bit.

Mentally I am up though - I knew this day would come - it always does - but the softer workout will help me recover and at least I was out there burning some fat and keeping the discipline going.

All up 7k in 54.46 @ 7.49 average - slow but I'm ok with it :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Soldiers Way

Headed out of the hotel for a walk this afternoon and just randomly wandered the streets until I stumbled on what appeared to be a bit of a trail through some bush - turned out to be "Soldiers Way" a very pleasant memorial to those who fell in the Great War.

The trail leads over a hill that gives good views of the Derwent River and the bridge and eventually comes out adjacent to the Botanical Gardens (which were closed). I did however find another trail that led me to the cycleway that runs into town and ultimately back to the hotel.

A nice gentle-paced walk for 5.5kms in just over an hour.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Runin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Today Total: 10kms
Week Total: 10kms
Month Total: 20kms
Year Total: 49kms

With apologies to Otis for the title :)

Got up well before dawn and the dock and boat lights in Hobart Harbour beckoned.

Started out with a thermal on but ended up tying it around my waist before I'd even gone 1km. A few sprinkles of unforecast rain and a bit breezy in parts but otherwise good running conditions - probably circa 8 degrees.

Ran out past Wrest Point (I'm satying in the Grand Chancellor opposite the dock area). Mainly fairly flat course with a few undulations and one corker of a short 100m hill that goes virtually straight up.

Still run/walking but felt really strong on the way back to finish 10k in 1.10.56 at an average of 7.06 per k.

The averages are coming down so I must be getting fitter :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tassie Update

Very active 2P :)

Since leaving Launceston on Thursday morning I have been out of email/internet range - but a lot has happened since then....

Arrived in Launceston on Wednesday night and just had time to visit a very dear family friend - who just happens to be in the family way. Amanda & Eddie run a Vietnamese restaurant and if you are ever in 'Lonny' I can heartily recommend the Mekong restaurant in York Square.

Thursday got off to a slow start with a huge buffet breaky which we promptly walked off in the Cataract. Gorge - over an hours walking at a leisurly pace and then it was back in the car the head for St Helens via Scottsdale :)

St Helens is delightful and I just had time to squeeze in a very brisk 30 minute walk before sunset. Dinner in the local pub was one of the best steaks and the most sublime pepper sauce I've ever had MMMmmmm.

Next morning and it was up and off for a quick visit to the Bay of Fires and then full steam ahead to Frecynet - WOW what a spectacular place!!! Fatass territory if ever there was one!

I immediately donned running gear and headed off on the Hazards Beach Track - delightfully much more technical and steeper little ups and sowns than anticipated - I was well and truly in my happy place! After 5k out I stopped at a rock in brilliant sunshine and made friends with one of the locals - a bubby rock wallaby was more than happy to let me scratch him between the ears while I munched on an Atkins Bar. A swig of water and it was time to return as the sun set across the ocean - the smile on my face just got broader and broader :) :) :)

All up 10k of blissful technical trail in 1.34.29 - very, very, happy 2P.

Super Saturday

Awoke to a brilliant day - and after a massive buffet breakfast Mrs 2P and I assaulted the Wine Glass Bay Lookout trail - circa 1.30 walking at Mrs 2P pace and a nice climb up some 300 stairs to some pretty spectacular views.

Then a quick car trip and short walk to take in Cape Tourville - more spectacular views.

After a quick bite of lunch Mrs 2P challenged me to an hours worth of tennis on the resort court and then a sweaty me headed off for a solo attempt on Mt Amos - one of the Hazards Range standing some 465m ASL.

What a blast - this climb is as technical as I'd ever want to do on my lonesome in failing light - but my Merrel Overdrives never skipped a beat - even got to rescue a damsal in distress - a young lass from Denmark had got herself into a spot of bother on the descent and couldn't move up or down on what is the crux of the climb.

I didn't have to do much - I just climbed up under her and with good foot holds let her lower her feet into my hands and then onto a ledge - all good and she and her buddies were on their way again and I on mine.

I was tiring towards the summit but the lack of light left kept my attention and I made it to the top in just over an hour - what an amazing spectacle it is from up there - just sensational - certainly ranks in my top 5 views ever!

A 10 minute break for a drink and photographs and it was time to descend. The failing light had me a little concerned (I packed a headlamp but the track is extremely indistinct over absurdly sloped rock slabs) but I made it down in good time.

Finished in about 2.02 (including breaks) for what has been the biggest physical exercise day for me in a long time - super dooper happy 2P :)

Arrived back in Hobart for some lunch with friends who live here (Simon is my old bushwalking buddy from way back - we've shared some hairy experiences and though we don't see each other much the bond is strong).

After lunch I dropped Mrs 2P off at the airport and headed back into Hobart. A nice brisk 6k walk in 59.29 to loosen up some stiffening legs and round out what has been a brilliant break!