Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Taking it easier

Walking today: 4kms
Cycling today: 26.9kms
Running today: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 42.5kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 225.9kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 196.1kms
Cycling YTD: 291.5kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Was feeling a bit sore today, particularly in the quads - so I decided from the outset that today was just about a commute, burning some calories - and not about racking up segment PRs on Strava.

Mission accomplished.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Ramping up

Walking today: 9.3kms
Cycling today: 33.2kms + 35.2km Sunday
Running today: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 38.5kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 199kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 192.1kms
Cycling YTD: 264.6kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Had a great ride on Sunday - I really wanted to spend a couple of hours in the saddle and used the time for my favourite bit of urban bush and to explore  the new bike tracks on the Parramatta river. A nice piece of technical single trail that gives me some much needed practice and then a lovely flat ride on well formed paths.

I'm really glad I got a bike with locking front shocks that can be locked out or unlocked while still in the saddle - the transition from trail to path was just so easy.

Today, Sydney had some blessedly cooler weather and feeling pretty strong I added some extra K's on to the commute home. I also found time for 2 walks today, so I'm really starting to ramp my base up.

I weighed in at 102.9kgs this morning, giving me a total loss of 21kg neat since 20 November 2016 - just 2.9kg till I run again!

Friday, February 10, 2017

First flat

Walking today: 0kms
Cycling today: 26.6kms
Running today: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 29.2kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 130.6kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 182.8kms
Cycling YTD: 196.2kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Got dressed to ride to work this morning and walked out to discover my back tyre completely flat. Oh well, better at home than on the ride. So it wasn't till after I'd put in a new tube that I was able to get out the gate.

It's pretty warm in tinsel-town today, so that, combined with this being my 3rd consecutive commute, I decided to go easy. I also decided to add on about 1km extra to enjoy 'The Bay' on a sparkling morning.

Despite the heat, I found the ride particularly enjoyable today without the high humidity we've been experiencing - might be a different story on the way home as temps at Concord are predicted as high as 41.

Postscript: the ride home was hot!


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Feeling slow, going faster

Walking today: 4.7kms
Cycling today: 25.9kms
Running today: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 29.2kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 104.0kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 182.8kms
Cycling YTD: 169.6kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Yep! Dead-set odd. Felt as though I was going really slowly on the ride to work this morning, but it was actually my quickest time yet.

Did a 4.7km walk at lunchtime to loosen the legs a bit. It was also a chance to try out my new Shimano MT3 shoes to see what they are like to walk in - love 'em, so comfy, you wouldn't know they are bike shoes. Also tried out my new JetBlack Svelto photochromic sunnies that came in the mail today too. They are nice and light, very comfortable to wear and work a treat - very happy with them.

Legs are feeling a bit fatigued with the back to back commutes, it will be interesting to see how they go this afternoon on the way home.

Postscript: the ride home wasn't too bad. A bit slower than yesterday, but the legs held up ok. Was a tad warm though.

Also had a heart flutter on the first downhill on Lillyfield Road when my 'Ass Saver' mudguard slipped and got jammed in against the rear wheel - I had no idea what it was till after I stopped. Needless to say, it now lives in the pack till needed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A day of 2 firsts!

Walking Jan: 154.6kms
Cycling Jan: 65.6kms
Running Jan: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 24.5kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 78.1kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 179.1kms
Cycling YTD: 143.7kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Today was my first ride in the rain on the Talon. It was also the first day I managed to pedal all the way to the top of Lillyfield Road without having to dismount!

The bonus for today is that my new shoes arrived, Shimano MT3s - they fit really well on my broad feet and getting them today means I have a dry pair of shoes to walk around and ride home in :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Blogging again!

So, it's been a while.

Long story short, since my reactive arthritis 5 or so years back, life just hasn't been the same. Oh well.

Anyhoo - got to 123.9kgs with some significant health issues and decided it was time to make a change.


The change that is. Been going since the 20th of November 2016. Down to 103.4kgs and have been walking, and more recently, riding.

Whilst I keep a log over in Strava, I intend to keep a commentary here.

Future instalments to come :)