Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mighty Torrens

Today Total: 10kms
Week Total: 14kms
Month Total: 18kms
Year Total: 117kms

Friday I did a mow-the-lawn recovery session with an hour and a half of pruning thrown in - so I felt like I'd had a workout compared to my normal sedentary days. Had an afternoon flight to Adelaide to meet up with Mrs 2P who was there for work.

Saturday we spent a lot of the day walking - not fast but we certainly covered a lot of ground. In the late arvo we went down to the pool and I threw my arms into lactic shock by swimming 200m at my best pace - my arms were so unhappy with me I couldn't lift the towel high enough to dry my hair - what sort of a wimp have I become?

Anyhoo after a lovely (but chilly) day of wandering around and a magnificent lunch Mrs 2P headed off to the airport and I headed off on a run. First I headed East along the mighty Torrens till I got to a suspension bridge over the river (roughly 4k into the run) then headed back past the city to the West and then cut back across the river till I hit the street (Franklyn sp?) I knew would take me back to my digs on Flinders St at the Medina Grand Treasury.

All up 10k in 1.23.42 @ 8.22 average so as you can deduce a fair bit of walking in there but hey I'm happy and my splits were fairly consistent.

Flakey asked about my sleeping - I guess to sum it up "better but not good" - Thursday night was my best result by far - I had one 5hours 50minutes unbroken stint for a total of about 8 hours all up - I felt a million bucks on Friday as a result. The last couple of nights I've managed a couple of 3 hour unbroken stretches and managed about 6 hours total each night - this leaves me feeling a bit ordinary when I get out of bed but I chirp up as the day goes - the good thing is I'm not stressing about it at all - I just take each night as it comes and even if I'm not sleeping I'm happy to be resting and as I said it is definitely better than it was.

Just sittin back with an ice cold beer now (the sun is well and truly out fro the overcast earlier today) on the half-tennis court sized private balcony I have overlooking the courtyard fountain - ahhhh the serenity :)

All good!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


7kms in a smidge over 70 minutes. Nice walk around Canada Bay.

All good :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Didn't Wanna Do It

Today Total: 4kms
Week Total: 4kms
Month Total: 8kms
Year Total: 107kms

Went back to work today after spending Monday & Tuesday off crook. Both Sunday & Monday night were shockers as far as the aponea is concerned and I was also still a bit chesty.

Had a much better sleep last night but felt shattered when I got home today - I didn't much feel like getting out for some exercise but I'm so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that I pushed myself out the door.

4km run/walk thingee in 31.14 which was over a full minute faster when I did this circuit last week and I feel much brighter for having made the effort.

Here's hoping tonight will be full of zeds.

All good :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heaven & Hell

Well can't say it hasn't been interesting....

Pulled up pretty shin sore from my little excursion the other day so running again on Tuesday wasn't an option. My aponea was also worsening and with very little sleep I fell over with yet another man-flu - the green, gooey, chesty kind!

Wednesday we headed up to Coffs Harbour for a mini-break. I had mine inside the apartment staring at the ceiling Mrs 2P had a lovely time - I did manage a couple of walks but they left me exhausted.

Finally got on top of the aponea on Friday night - I still have disturbed sleep but for the last 2 nights I've managed 2 & 3 hour stretches between waking (as opposed to 2 or 3 mins). Used a combination of showering and using Fess (to clear the sinus) combined with a herbal (peppermint oil based thingee) and a nose strip. Not sure which bit is making the difference but I don't really care as long as it something works.

Feeling brighter today, just in time to fly back to Sydney :)

Hope to run again through the week.

All good :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Answering Louise

Louise asked a good question about weight and the relationship to Aponea so I thought I'd make a post out of my answer.

First of all there is a relationship in my case, but it isn't easily defined as a certain amount of weight change. Though it is true there is a certain extension to the porch that overlooks the playground at the moment - so I won't shoot you Louise.

Following are my observations of my case:


Firstly, my body shape could only ever be described as stocky - or fast twitch as I prefer to call it :) I stand around 5'7" give or take, and in peak condition weigh in at around 87kgs - you can give me all the BMI logic under the sun but I just don't get lighter than that. Typically in training my weight hovers around 92kgs - 94kgs. At this weight Mrs 2P reports I snore softly and appear to sleep soundly. At this weight I generally wake feeling refreshed and looking forward to the day.


My first encounter with Aponea was in 2004 after I sustained a serious injury during my assessment for Master in Kung Fu (late 2003). Not training I blew out to around 106kgs and this was when I discovered I am suseptible to Aponea. As it turns out I have allegedly (I never quite trust Dr's) smaller than average airholes and this is also accroding to the quacks a contributing factor. I'm also a little yeast intolerant as well which can at times leave me a bit wheezy.

Weight loss and careful diet i.e. started running and other training again, combined with a low to lowish/lowish carb, no dairy after lunch etc seemed to knock it on the head fairly quickly and I felt a million bucks again.

Since the intial case my weight has been up and down and on some occasions has peaked around the 105kg mark without Aponea becoming a problem - though Mrs 2P reports that my snoring becomes quite raucus once I get over 97kg to 98kg. Generally at this weight I'm slow to get started in the morning but perk up around mid morning.

This case

I've hovered around the 100kg mark for some time now, though with two back to back doses of man-flu my weight got up to over 103kgs. Coming off the second dose of man-flu the Aponea has hit with a vengence.

So to answer your question

From my observations

At sub 94kgs I gently snore

At over 97kgs my snoring progressively worsens to the point Mrs 2P wants to kill me

I've been to 105kgs without Aponea disturbing my sleep (i.e. I don't do the wakey chokey thing)

103kgs on the back of man-flu and Aponea has hit


There seems to be about 3kgs to 5kgs difference from a "healthy sleeping weight" to a "noisy one" and about a 10kgs difference for a "healthy sleeping weight" to a "dangerous one".

As I haven't been training since June I'm guessing that there is a fitness factor, or a muscule to fat ratio type thing happening too, which may have lowered the threshold of where the serious Aponeo kicks in?

Guess I better lose some weight :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Time No Run

Today Total: 4kms
Week Total: 4kms
Month Total: 4kms
Year Total: 103kms

Well after being a couch potato since mid June I finally took the Titanic out for a spin.

I had to.

I've had a re-emergence of a medical condition I thought I'd seen the last of a number of years ago - Sleep Aponea. It seems to have been reignited by my most recent dose of man-flu.

At fist I thought I was just waking to cough, but it quickly became apparant I was waking to stop myself choking to death and it has been getting progressively worse over the last 2 weeks to the point where over the last 5 or 6 nights I literally wake up hundreds of times a night chocking and coughing. Generally I go straight back to sleep to do it all over again (one annoying thing is I tend to pick up my dream exactly where I left off and as generally your dreams are not that pleasant when your brain is convinved you're about to expire it doesn't add value to the overall experience). Though sometimes it gives me a bit of a fright and as my heartrate (and no doubt my blood pressure) are up it takes me a little while to resettle. It even gets me if I try to take a daytime nap.

The result is I'm knackered!

Anyhoo the last time I had this miserable bastard of an affliction, running and careful diet were the mainstays of my recovery and I will do just about anything to avoid a trip to the sleep clinic so as farked as I felt this arvo I donned the joggers and headed out the door - could be a blessing in disguise!

All up 4kms alternating a jog and a walk in 32.15 for an average of 8.04 per km.

All good :)