Monday, January 28, 2013

Workin' in the wet

Today total: 13k
Week total: 13k
Month total: 154k
Year total: 154k

After the thrashing my mistress gave me, I promised myself I wouldn't run again until I really felt like it.

With work being crazy busy and a few other things going on, I've just felt fairly wasted until today.

But having got a few good sleeps in over the weekend I felt raring to go today. And as I am way behind on my work emails I decided to run into the office and put in a couple of hours to give me a head start on the short week.

I certainly ran more than I walked and I even ran a lot of the hills - though the first part of Lillyfield Road is beyond me just yet.

It rained the whole way - not hard - just a gentle soaking rain that was quite pleasant really. And after 2 weeks off I was pleasantly surprised by my performance.

13k in 1.31 even which also gives me an even 7 mins/km average pace - pretty happy with that.

All good :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recovery mode

Just an easy 6k walk in light misting rain - legs are trashed from yesterday. Quads and calves are particularly gruesome.

6k @ 11.35 mins/km av.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot date with my mistress

Today total: 31k
Week total: 63k
Month total: 141k
Year total: 141k

It's been 2 yeas since I ran on The Track.

Given today was forecast to be 45 degrees in Western Sydney, it seemed perfect :)

It was a great outing - lots of fauna - a snake; lots of lizards including a pretty healthy looking goanna; lots of kangaruchies; and a myriad of birds including my favourite of favourites - the ringing of bellbirds - 'with ring and with ripple, like runnels whose torrents, are toned by the pebbles and leaves in the currents...'

I was well and truly in my happy place!

Despite it being 36 at Katoomba when I finished, I didn't feel the heat at all - it was just a whole bag of fun. I put out 2.4L of water & Gatorade drops on the way down to the river, so that combined with a 3L refill of the Camelbak at the river, meant I remained really well hydrated on the climb out - I still had about 400mls of water left when I finished. I also took in about 5,000 kJs of food. You can't deny the elements, but you can work with them!

All up, I consumed about 7.5L of fluid - 1.5L on the way in, at least 1L at the river, and 5L on the way out.

With PW of 7 hours and a PB of 4.02 for the Tree to the Cox's and return - I wasn't entirely sure what to expect - I walked most of the way out and was back to the junction at the bottom of the climb out in 4.30 (9.26 av pace to that point). Though it took me 54 minutes for the last 2k, I was well satisfied with 5.24 for the 31k round trip - the new software calls it a 1,400m+ ascent/decent. Splits - fire trail head 20 mins, Megalong Rd 1.06, Cox's River 2.07. Climb out 3.17.

Could have done without the tyre being flat on the car when I got back to it - but I guess you get that on the big jobs!

The windscreen also had a narky message NPWS informing me I shouldn't have been there as all trails were shut due to 'severe' weather. Oh well.

All good :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Found it

Today total: 10k
Week total: 32k
Month total: 110k
Year total: 110k

Found the wall that is!

Legs were as dead as door nails this morning - so I headed off on my city 'bush run' around the back blocks of Concord Hospital at an very conservative pace.

I had intended on doing a 12k loop but quickly modified that to a 5k out and back course with a view of getting to 5k and then if necessary walking home.

In the end I had 2 x 5k easy paced efforts with a fair chunk of walking thrown in.

1st 5k in 37.27 @ 7.23 mins/km pace and the 2nd 5k in 40.05 @ 8.01 mins/km pace.

Can't say I struggled because I really didn't push it - but I certainly wasn't feeling the love from the leggies this morning!

All good :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sweltering Sydney II

Today Total: 12k
Week Total: 22k
Month Total: 100k
Year Total : 100k

Well it might not have been sweltering this morning, but it was sure bloody hot tonight. Still 37 degrees or so when I headed out with a really warm breeze blowing.

My throat was parched in no time - I loved it!

4k in 27.29 @ 6.51 mins/km av.

All very good :)

Sweltering Sydney

Today Total: 8k
Week Total 18k
Month Total: 96k
Year Total 96k

Well it isn't sweltering yet, but they say it is going to be over 40C today so I thought I better get today's running over with early.

I was rewarded with the beautiful vista of the rising Sun over the bays on the Parramatta River - lovely.

8k in 56.38 @ 7.04 mins/km av.

All good. :)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Double up day

Today Total: 10k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 88k
Year Total: 88k

Went out for another lap of the same 5k loop I did this morning - ostensibly to clear my noodle after an 11 hour 1st day back at work for the year!

The good news is, it was faster than this morning :)

5k in 33.41 @ 6.43 mins/km av

Very chuffed with that!

All good:)

Back to work

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 5k
Month Total: 83k
Year Total: 83k

Happy with today's 5k after yesterday's thrashing - I didn't mention that yesterday's 20k was on an empty stomach and I had nowt but water for the whole trip - I really struggled over the last 2k but it was a great confidence builder.

This morning the legs were a bit rough over the first k but then it became relatively easy. Certainly ran more than I walked which is reflected in the pace.

Be interesting to see how I'd go off fresh legs?

Cool but very humid in old Sydney town today.

5k in 34.36 @ 6.56 mins/km av.

All good :)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

End of holiday bash

Today Total: 20k
Week Total: 78k
Month Total: 78k
Year Total: 78k

What a great start to the year - of course being on holidays does make it easier.

Oh well...

This mornings 20k makes it 197k on my feet for the holidays - I'm pretty happy with that, I'm particularly pleased with how quickly I'm recovering, all the walking must be playing its part.

All up 20k in 2.26 @ 7.20 min/km av.

All good :)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Recovery gone wrong

Today Total: 5k
Week Total: 58k (12.5k walk only)
Month Total: 58k (12.5k walk only)
Year Total: 58k (12.5k walk only)

After yesterday's 28k I was just going to do a 5k walk this morning as a part of my recovery, but when I started walking my legs wanted to run.

So I did it as an impromptu fartlek - there were walk breaks, but when I ran I opened up a bit which felt great.

There was also a fairly good 500m sustained hill too rising to 35m ASL from 0 ASL.

So considering all that 5k in 34.46 @ 6.56 mins/km was surprisingly good.

Must be getting fitter (and hopefully lighter).

All good :)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Hilly trails, sunshine & views

Today Total: 28k
Week Total: 53k (12.5k walk only)
Month Total: 53k (12.5k walk only)
Year Total: 53k (12.5k walk only)

What a fantastic way to end my break - it's back to work on Monday and I wanted to finish on a real positive.

Knowing what I was in for, I had a rest day yesterday just doing a very gentle 5k walk - I didn't record it in the totals because there was zero training effect, but it set me up nicely for today.

28k through the trails of Crangan Bay (Gwandalan) and Munmorah State Rec Park. Average pace 8.06 min/km - very pleased with that.

Now just got to keep it going when I get back to the salt mine :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Walking Loopy Lake

Today Total: 12.5k (walk only)
Week Total: 25k (12.5k walk only)
Month Total: 25k (12.5k walk only)
Year Total: 25k (12.5k walk only)

Same loop as yesterday, only I walked the whole way.

12.5k @ 9.26 min/k av.

Pretty happy with my walking pace.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Loopy Lake

Today Total: 12.5k
Week Total: 12.5k
Month Total: 12.5k
Year Total: 12.5k

A 12.5k loop around the lake taking in some bush as well as the lakefront right in the hottest part of the day - great fun.

Pace 7.43 min/km - so still a fair chunk of walking in that lot, but I'm stoked at how well I'm recovering.

Also got in an hour+ paddle this morning and a 2k gentle walk along the beach later in the day.

Good fun this holiday lark :)


A year of two very distinctive halves.

Still recovering from the Reactive Arthritis, I finally went off all medication in late February making it a complete 12 months on pills. I still had some pain up until about April, but since then I've just had a couple of minor relapses, each lasting just a few days - the last one was in September.

I also got up to 112.7kg which is the heaviest I've ever been, so in mid March I went the Atkins route and exercise and lost around 15kg by the time I started my new job on 4 June.

I LOVE my new job, it is sensational! As the old saying goes 'find something you love and you will never work another day in your life'. The thing is though, it meant a minimum of 10 hour days - every day!

I soon started to creep up in weight again and when I hit 105kg and my 'half-life' blood tests showed my cholesterol was up (thanks friend) I knew I needed action. I started walking and walk/running on the weekends - one day doing a 10k+ walk and the other a 20k+ walk with some running. Over several weeks I started to run more and more.

The 5 day break between sessions seem to work well from a recovery point of view and I started to drop weight and get fitter. The most noticeable change was in the mirror.

I broke from work on 21st December with a view that I would do some exercise everyday till I resumed work on 7th January 2013.

Well so far I've managed every day except for Boxing Day! I even got up early on Christmas Day and snuck in a quick 8k.

Got up to the lake late on Boxing Day and since then have gone gang busters:

Thurs 27/12 - 12k walk - sub 10 mins per k pace
Fri 28/12 - 27k hard trail walk/run - lots of hills
Sat 29/12 - 12k walk - sub 10 mins per k pace
Sun 30/12 - 18k (2x9k) hard trail walk/run
Mon 31/12 - 12k walk - 11 mins per k pace
Tues 1/1 - 12k walk/run - relatively flat with a couple of hills

93k in 6 days :)

I've also had a couple of paddles on the lake and a session of core strength stuff.

Nice way to round out the year.

All good! :)