Friday, October 31, 2008

Another 5

Today Total: 5km
Week Total: 18km
Month Total: 45km
Year Total: 306km

Another 5k around the Concord Golf Course - nothing spectacular in 38ish degree heat at 3.30pm this arvo. The heat wasn't so much the problem - it was more that with the sail squarage I currently have out running into the stiff westerly wind was a bit tough.

All good :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keeping The Faith

Today Total: 8km + Monday: 5km
Week Total: 13km
Month Total: 40km
Year Total: 301km

Well I'm keeping on keeping on - run/walk (3:1 ratio) one day, walk the next.

Monday was a lap of the streets around Concord Golf Course. Today was the same course I did last Thursday night - except this time I did it a minute or so quicker :)

It's all good!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Again Again

Today Total: 8km
Week Total: 21km
Month Total: 27km
Year Total: 288km

Well this Telly Tubby took off for the same run as on Thursday but I couldn't sustain the 3:1 ration as my legs were too fatigued (I've been walking and doing core strength between runs). So I had to walk a fair bit more over the last part of the course - but it's all good base building and fat burning.

Anyhoo on the positive side - having crept up to a smidge under 110kgs I weighed in at 99.5kgs this morning. Still a big fat bastard but the trend is now in the right direction.

All good :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today Total: 8km
Week Total: 13km
Month Total: 19km
Year Total: 280km

Set off on a strict 3min run 1min walk schedule. Through the Concord green strip then down to Concord Oval and back along the foreshore via Canada Bay.

8k in 59.06 @ av pace of 7.23 - no land speed records there but it's a solid start. All good :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Stomping Grounds

Today Total: 5km
Week Total: 5km
Month Total: 11km
Year Total: 272k

Had baby sitting duties for the grandkids tonight so I loaded up the back pack with a towel, fresh clothes, treats for the kids and a book for Pop once they settled.

Ran more than I walked around the foreshore trail behind Concord Hospital through the bush - lots of running memories there I can tell you. Got to the kids place in time to have a quick shower before they left for dinner.

Calves are pretty tight from Sunday but they loosened up once I got going, some other tight bits too but no major dramas.

Kids have now settled - all good :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Place

Today Total: 6km
Week Total: 6km
Month Total: 6km
Year Total: 267km

Another decent break between drinks - without going into detail, this year I've just had to put family and work above self - it had me exhausted up till last week, but a week off where I did nought but sleep for about 18 hours a day has me now bouncing off the walls again. And touch wood I've just about tamed the tigers at home and work and life can get back to some sort of healthy balance.

Last Sunday I cut my hair, started eating healthily again and took a walk. Everyday through this last week I've walked with a few joggles and also done some core strength work - result - today I was ready (so I thought) to get serious.

So on the way back from Bathurst I stopped off at my favourite short track in the mountains - the Grand Canyon. I made good time getting down into the canyon proper and really enjoyed the section rock-hopping along the creek. I could tell I was out of practice as I had a few stumbles and also went over on both ankles a couple of times but fortunately apart from initial pain no harm done.

I felt every one of the extra 15kg I've put on this year climbing out though and it took a mighty long time to reach the to - but the view over the Grose Valley with the last of the setting sun lighting up the cliffs with a back drop of lightening strikes over the Sydney basin in the background made it all worth while! Spectacular!

Made it back to the car in an hour forty which is a good twenty minutes slower than my previous worst but the memories of that gloomy & damp canyon, with waratahs blooming on the ridges in & out combined with the fact I didn't see another living soul except that of a rock wallaby and a lyre bird had me well and truly in my happy place for the drive home.

Life is good :)