Monday, February 13, 2017

Ramping up

Walking today: 9.3kms
Cycling today: 33.2kms + 35.2km Sunday
Running today: 0kms

Walking Feb MTD: 38.5kms
Cycling Feb MTD: 199kms
Running Feb MTD: 0kms

Walking YTD: 192.1kms
Cycling YTD: 264.6kms
Running YTD: 0kms

Had a great ride on Sunday - I really wanted to spend a couple of hours in the saddle and used the time for my favourite bit of urban bush and to explore  the new bike tracks on the Parramatta river. A nice piece of technical single trail that gives me some much needed practice and then a lovely flat ride on well formed paths.

I'm really glad I got a bike with locking front shocks that can be locked out or unlocked while still in the saddle - the transition from trail to path was just so easy.

Today, Sydney had some blessedly cooler weather and feeling pretty strong I added some extra K's on to the commute home. I also found time for 2 walks today, so I'm really starting to ramp my base up.

I weighed in at 102.9kgs this morning, giving me a total loss of 21kg neat since 20 November 2016 - just 2.9kg till I run again!

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